„I'm not conceited. Conceit is a fault, and I have no faults.“

—  David Lee Roth, Susie Shellenberger (2005) The One Year Devos for Teens 2, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., , p. 357.

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„Self-conceit is the enemy of progress.“

—  Bion of Borysthenes ancient greek philosopher -325 - -246 a.C.
As quoted by Diogenes Laërtius, iv. 50.

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„The most ignorant are the most conceited.“

—  Horace Mann American politician 1796 - 1859
Context: The most ignorant are the most conceited. Unless a man knows that there is something more to be known, his inference is, of course, that he knows every thing. Such a man always usurps the throne of universal knowledge, and assumes the right of deciding all possible questions. We all know that a conceited dunce will decide questions extemporaneous which would puzzle a college of philosophers, or a bench of judges. Ignorant and shallow-minded men do not see far enough to see the difficulty. But let a man know that there are things to be known, of which he is ignorant, and it is so much carved out of his domain of universal knowledge. And for all purposes of individual character, as well as of social usefulness, it is quite as important for a man to know the extent of his own ignorance as it is to know any thing else. To know how much there is that we do not know, is one of the most valuable parts of our attainments; for such knowledge becomes both a lesson of humility and a stimulus to exertion. Lecture 6

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„Wouldn't it be conceited to suggest that I had the abilities to describe the deity?“

—  John Marks Templeton stock investor, businessman and philanthropist 1912 - 2008
Context: We may find the Divine to be 3,000 times what we think it is now. It's like asking the tulip there to explain you. The tulip is a beautiful creation, with millions of atoms cooperating with each other to produce great beauty, but ask that tulip to talk about you, and it can't do it. It doesn't have those perceptive abilities. Wouldn't it be conceited to suggest that I had the abilities to describe the deity?

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„Heaven knows that I have done all that a mortal could do, to save the people, and the failure was not my fault, but the fault of others.“

—  Davy Crockett American politician 1786 - 1836
As quoted in David Crockett: The Man and the Legend (1994) by James Atkins Shackford, p. 106

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„Self-conceit may lead to self-destruction.“

—  Aesop ancient Greek storyteller -620 - -564 a.C.
The Frog and the Ox.

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„The conceited villager believes the entire world to be his village.“

—  José Martí Poet, writer, Cuban nationalist leader 1853 - 1895
Context: The conceited villager believes the entire world to be his village. Provided that he can be mayor, humiliate the rival who stole his sweetheart, or add to the savings in his strongbox, he considers the universal order good, unaware of those giants with seven-league boots who can crush him underfoot, or of the strife in the heavens between comets that go through the air asleep, gulping down worlds.

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