„If living in France bothers some people, they should feel free to leave the country.“

UMP meeting 22 April

Nicolas Sarkozy photo
Nicolas Sarkozy6
político francês, Ex-presidente da França 1955

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„People in every country should be free to choose and live their faith based upon the persuasion of the mind, and the heart, and the soul. This tolerance is essential for religion to thrive“

—  Barack Obama 44th President of the United States of America 1961

2009, A New Beginning (June 2009)
Contexto: People in every country should be free to choose and live their faith based upon the persuasion of the mind, and the heart, and the soul. This tolerance is essential for religion to thrive, but it is being challenged in many different ways. […] Freedom of religion is central to the ability of peoples to live together.

Erik Naggum photo

„I'm bothered by the fact that stupid people don't spontaneously combust, which they should.“

—  Erik Naggum Norwegian computer programmer 1965 - 2009

Re: A draft business plan for free software LISP vendors http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.lisp/msg/3bb9094cbc310a0f (Usenet article).
Usenet articles, Miscellaneous

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„In a free society a large degree of human activity is none of the government's business. We should make criminal what's going to hurt other people and other than that we should leave it to people to make their own choices.“

—  Barney Frank American politician, former member of the House of Representatives for Massachusetts 1940

Frank commenting on legislation to remove federal criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. CNN Newsroom : Rep. Barney Frank's Marijuana Bill http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0807/30/cnr.05.html (30 July 2008)]

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„Some countries of Europe have to free themselves from the US Empire. They are not going to frighten us because we are a people with dignity and sovereignty.“

—  Evo Morales Bolivian politician 1959

Statement told to his supporters at airport near La Paz after his flight was hold for 13 hours in Vienna, Austria after it was suspected that Edward Snowden was traveling with him on board. July 3, 2013. http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2013/07/05/2003566380

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Saffron Burrows photo

„...people shouldn’t have to make statements and their lives should be private if they want to be. But I think if someone’s feeling restricted by not making a statement, then they should be free to do so. I chose to speak to you because I don’t want to lie by omission and I want to be very straightforward about my life...“

—  Saffron Burrows English actress, model and writer 1972

On whether people should feel the need to "come out" and be a role model in “Saffron Burrows: ‘I’m really proud of my family and who they are’” https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2014/dec/01/saffron-burrows-married-to-alison-balian-mozart-in-the-jungle in The Guardian (2014 Dec 01)

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„People should not be free only because it is good for them. They should be free because it is their right as human beings.“

—  Rudolph Rummel American academic 1932 - 2014

Fonte: The Blue Book of Freedom: Ending Famine, Poverty, Democide, and War (2007), p. 116

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„The people who are in real danger never leave their countries. They are in danger for a reason and for that they don’t leave.“

—  Bassel Khartabil free culture and democracy activist, Syrian political prisoner 1981 - 2015

Tweet Jan 31, 2012, 6:34AM https://twitter.com/basselsafadi/status/164355948582932480 at Twitter.com, cited in: Bassel Khartabil, Champion of open internet detained in Syria http://www.indexoncensorship.org/index-awards-2013/digital-freedom at indexoncensorship.org, 2013

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„People should be very free with sex, but they should draw the line at goats.“

—  Elton John English rock singer-songwriter, composer and pianist 1947

from 1976 interview with Rolling Stone magazine
Sixty things for Sir Elton's 60th (2007)

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„There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.“

—  Jimmy Carter American politician, 39th president of the United States (in office from 1977 to 1981) 1924

Speech at a town hall meeting held at his presidential center in Atlanta, Georgia. [Jimmy Carter says Joe Wilson's attack on Barack Obama was 'based on racism', The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Telegraph, September 16, 2009, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/barackobama/6196028/Jimmy-Carter-says-Joe-Wilsons-attack-on-Barack-Obama-was-based-on-racism.html]

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„They are all damned fools to bother their heads about Parliament at all, for this is our country.“

—  Ned Kelly Australian bushranger 1855 - 1880

On the rural people of Victoria, said during a speech to his hostages at Glenrowan.
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