„The work of art is a stuffed crocodile. [L'objet d'art, par définition, est le crocodile empaillé. ] (Source: Alfred Jarry, Selected Works, edited by Roger Shattuck and Simon Watson Taylor. Cape, London, 1965).“

Alfred Jarry photo
Alfred Jarry3
1873 - 1907

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Edward A. Shanken photo

„The notion of style has long been the art historian's principal mode of classifying works of art. By style he selects and shapes the history of art.“

—  George Kubler American art historian 1912 - 1996
George Kubler summarizing the view of Meyer Schapiro (with whom he disagrees), quoted by Alpers in Lang, Berel (ed.), The Concept of Style, 1987, Ithaca: Cornell University Press,

Roger Fry photo

„A work of art is a work of art, and nothing else, personal considerations count for nothing.“

—  Roger Fry English artist and art critic 1866 - 1934
E M Forster -0bituary of Roger Fry ,1940 ,'Biography of RogerFry'by Virginia Wolf , Harcourt, Brace and Co, New York 1940.

Claude Debussy photo

„Works of art make rules but rules do not make works of art.“

—  Claude Debussy French composer 1862 - 1918
As quoted in Companion to Contemporary Musical Thought (1992) by John Paynter, p. 590 Unsourced variant: Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.

Oscar Wilde photo

„The work of art is to dominate the spectator: the spectator is not to dominate the work of art.“

—  Oscar Wilde Irish writer and poet 1854 - 1900
Context: If a man approaches a work of art with any desire to exercise authority over it and the artist, he approaches it in such a spirit that he cannot receive any artistic impression from it at all. The work of art is to dominate the spectator: the spectator is not to dominate the work of art. The spectator is to be receptive. He is to be the violin on which the master is to play. And the more completely he can suppress his own silly views, his own foolish prejudices, his own absurd ideas of what Art should be, or should not be, the more likely he is to understand and appreciate the work of art in question.

Richard Long photo

„The source of my work is nature. I use it with respect and freedom. I use materials, ideas, movement and time to express a whole view of my art in the world.“

—  Richard Long artist 1945
Richard Long (1982), cited in: Description of the exhibition Concentrations IX: Richard Long, March 31–July 8, 1984 at the Dallas Museum of Art http://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth224905/m1/1/.

Joseph Kosuth photo

„If one wanted to make a work of art devoid of meaning, it would be impossible because we’ve already given meaning to the work by indicating that it’s a work of art.“

—  Joseph Kosuth American conceptual artist 1945
Joseph Kosuth, “Introduction” in Art After Philosophy and After: Collected Writings, 1960–1990 (Cambridge: MIT Press, 1991); cited in: Thierry Mortier. " Semiotics as Art: Kosuth http://www.semionaut.net/semiotics-as-art-joseph-kosuth/," Sunday, 1 July 2012.

T.S. Eliot photo

„What happens when a new work of art is created, is something that happens simultaneously to all the works of art which preceded it.“

—  T.S. Eliot 20th century English author 1888 - 1965
Context: What happens when a new work of art is created, is something that happens simultaneously to all the works of art which preceded it. The existing monuments form an ideal order among themselves, which is modified by the introduction of the new (the really new) work of art among them. The existing order is complete before the new work arrives; for order to persist after the supervention of novelty, the whole existing order must be, if ever so slightly, altered; and so the relations, proportions, values of each work of art toward the whole are readjusted; and this is conformity between the old and the new.

Danie Craven photo

„A game of rugby is a work of art!“

—  Danie Craven South African rugby union player and administrator 1910 - 1993

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Caterina Davinio photo
Guity Novin photo
Andy Warhol photo

„Making money is art. And working is art. And good business is the best art.“

—  Andy Warhol American artist 1928 - 1987
Context: Business art is the step that comes after Art. I started as a commercial artist, and I want to finish as a business artist. After I did the thing called 'art' or whatever it's called, I went into business art. I wanted to be an Art Businessman or a Business Artist. Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. During the hippies era people put down the idea of business – they'd say 'Money is bad', and 'Working is bad', but making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. p. 92

Joseph Kosuth photo

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