„If there is something more excellent than the truth, then that is God; if not, then truth itself is God.“

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Aurélio Agostinho41
354 - 430

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„Truth is something so noble that if God could turn aside from it, I could keep the truth and let God go.“

—  Meister Eckhart German theologian 1260 - 1328
Meister Eckhart: A Modern Translation (1941) by Raymond Bernard Blakney, p. 240

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„God is not a God of the emotions but the God of truth.“

—  Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Christian Community

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„My uniform experience has convinced me that there is no other God than Truth.“

—  Махатма Ганди pre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism during British-ruled India 1869 - 1948
Farewell, p. 453

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„Einstein's space is no closer to reality than Van Gogh's sky. The glory of science is not in a truth more absolute than the truth of Bach or Tolstoy, but in the act of creation itself.“

—  Arthur Koestler Hungarian-British author and journalist 1905 - 1983
Context: Einstein's space is no closer to reality than Van Gogh's sky. The glory of science is not in a truth more absolute than the truth of Bach or Tolstoy, but in the act of creation itself. The scientist's discoveries impose his own order on chaos, as the composer or painter imposes his; an order that always refers to limited aspects of reality, and is based on the observer's frame of reference, which differs from period to period as a Rembrant nude differs from a nude by Manet. The Act of Creation, London, (1970) p. 253.

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„Truth is "Mormonism." God is the author of it.“

—  Joseph Smith, Jr. American religious leader and the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement 1805 - 1844
History of the Church, 3:297 (20 March 1839)

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„The truth! Only God sees it.“

—  Joseph Joubert French moralist and essayist 1754 - 1824

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„A truth presented by Satan himself is just as true as a truth stated by God.“

—  Charles Taze Russell Founder of the Bible Student Movement 1852 - 1916
What is Truth? Zion's Watch Tower, (July 7, 1879).

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„God knows that I would rather stand in the lowest place within the Truth, than in the highest without it. Nay, outside the Truth the higher the worse. It is only so much more opposition to Truth, so much more propagation of falsehood.“

—  Henry Edward Manning English Roman Catholic archbishop and cardinal 1808 - 1892
Letter to Robert Wilberforce (Rome, 15 February 1848); in Edmund Sheridan Purcell, Life of Cardinal Manning, Vol. I (London: Macmillan and Co., 1896), p. 513.

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„Every truth—if it really is truth—presents itself as universal, even if it is not the whole truth. If something is true, then it must be true for all people and at all times.“

—  Pope John Paul II 264th Pope of the Catholic Church, saint 1920 - 2005
Encyclical Fides et Ratio, 14 September 1998 Source: www.vatican.va http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/john_paul_ii/encyclicals/documents/hf_jp-ii_enc_14091998_fides-et-ratio_en.html

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