„The French like burgers, Madonna and Miami Vice.“


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Nicolas Sarkozy photo
Nicolas Sarkozy6
político francês, Ex-presidente da França 1955

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James Patterson photo
Bette Midler photo

„The only thing Madonna will ever do like a virgin is give birth in a stable.“

—  Bette Midler American singer-songwriter, actress, comedian and film producer 1945

From her album 'Mud will be Flung Tonight'

Terence Rattigan photo

„When uncle Eddie does his impression of 'Like a Virgin' it's like Madonna is coming out of his body!'
Christ what an image.“

—  Louise Rennison, livro Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging

Fonte: Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging

Terry Pratchett photo
Letitia Elizabeth Landon photo

„vanity, like all social vices, craves for novelty;“

—  Letitia Elizabeth Landon English poet and novelist 1802 - 1838

Heath's book of Beauty, 1833 (1832)

Frances Hodgson Burnett photo

„To speak robin to a robin is like speaking French to a Frenchman“

—  Frances Hodgson Burnett, O Jardim Secreto

Fonte: The Secret Garden

„The French breathed blood. They were like cannibals.“

—  Jacques-Louis Ménétra glazier, tradesman 1738 - 1812

quoted in David Andress. The French Revolution and the People, 2006, p. 255-

Tom Robbins photo
Rachel Marsden photo
Larry Niven photo

„Do you like strange places and faraway people—or vice versa?“

—  Larry Niven American writer 1938

Rammer (p. 4)
Short fiction, A Hole in Space (1974)

Navjot Singh Sidhu photo

„This cricket is like a burger, you can have it once a week but for a whole meal, you need to return to Test cricket. More than once a week, and it will give you a tummy ache.“

—  Navjot Singh Sidhu Indian cricketer and politician 1963

On Twenty20 cricket, in "Twenty20 game is 'underwear' cricket: Sidhu" in Daily News and Analysis (17 July 2006).

Dave Eggers photo

„Dignity is an affectation, cute but eccentric, like learning French or collecting scarves.“

—  Dave Eggers, livro A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

Fonte: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

„…the German's defense was stretched out like a spandex at Miami Beach…once again the pure genius of Raúl to anticipate the throw-in…the throw-in is perfection…sublime…and the finish is the personification of grace under pressure…“

—  Ray Hudson English footballer 1955

[Mandis, Steven G., The Real Madrid Way: How Values Created the Most Successful Sports Team on the Planet, 2016, BenBella Books, https://books.google.fi/books/about/The_Real_Madrid_Way.html?id=IEbQDAAAQBAJ&redir_esc=y, 978-1-942952-54-1]
After Madrid's Raúl had timed his run and sent the ball left-footed past Bayer Leverkusen's Hans-Jörg Butt.
2002 UEFA Champions League Final

Gloria Estefan photo

„However long we live here, however much I feel at home in Miami, I -- like everyone else -- am an exile, an exile who cannot go home.“

—  Gloria Estefan Cuban-American singer-songwriter, actress and divorciada 1957

cubanet.org (May 15, 2000)
2007, 2008

Billy Joel photo
Jacob Maris photo

„Almost all new French art [ French Impressionism ] has for me a flat, empty character without any distance and depth in colors. The paintings look like white sheets of paper with colors on it.“

—  Jacob Maris Dutch painter 1837 - 1899

Bijna alle nieuwe Fransche kunst [Impressionisme] heeft voor mij een plat, leeg karakter zonder afstand en diepte in kleur. De schilderijen lijken witte velletjes papier met kleurtjes erop.
Quote of Jacob Maris, in: 'Veerpont - Jacob Maris', Frank van der Velden https://www.rembrandtcirkel.nl/ul/cms/attachment/file/document/6/0/7/607/607/1/veerpont.pdf; Vereniging Rembrandt, Spring 2005, p. 24
he lived for several years in Paris, till 1871

Henry Fountain Ashurst photo

„There has never been superadded to these vices of mine the withering, embalming vice of consistency.“

—  Henry Fountain Ashurst United States Senator from Arizona 1874 - 1962

"Arizona's Pioneer Senator". New York Times (June 1, 1962)

Louis Auguste Blanqui photo

„I am accused of having told thirty million French people, proletarians like me, that they had the right to live.“

—  Louis Auguste Blanqui French socialist and political activist 1805 - 1881

"Auguste Blanqui’s Defence Speech at the ‘Trial of the Fifteen’" (12 January 1832)

Stephen Clarke photo

„A French politician without a mistress is like a sheriff without a gun—people think he has no firepower.“

—  Stephen Clarke, livro A Year in the Merde

On French Politician
A Year in the Merde (2005)

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