„Dada belongs to everybody.“

—  Tristan Tzara, As quoted in Dada Art and Anti-art, Hand Richter, Thames & Hudson, London & New York, 2004 Tzara's reaction when in 1921 w:Picabia, Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp jokingly asked to grant them permission to use the name 'Dada' as their own name for Dada in New York.
Tristan Tzara photo
Tristan Tzara1
1896 - 1963

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Tristan Tzara photo

„I speak only of myself since I do not wish to convince, I have no right to drag others into my river, I oblige no one to follow me and everybody practices his art in his own way."

- Tristan Tzara "Dada Manifesto 1918“

—  Tristan Tzara Romanian and French avant-garde poet, essayist and performance artist 1896 - 1963
Context: Dada; knowledge of all the means rejected up until now... Dada; abolition of logic, which is the dance of those impotent to create: Dada; of every social hierarchy and equation set up for the sake of values by our valets: Dada; every object, all objects, sentiments, obscurities, apparitions and the precise clash of parallel lines are weapons for the fight: Dada; abolition of memory: Dada; abolition of archaeology: Dada; abolition of prophets: Dada; abolition of the future: Dada; absolute and unquestionable faith in every god that is the immediate product of spontaneity:* Dada; elegant and unprejudiced leap from a harmony to the other sphere... Freedom: Dada Dada Dada, a roaring of tense colors, and interlacing of opposites and of all contradictions, grotesques, inconsistencies: LIFE.

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„Dada aimed to destroy the reasonable deceptions of man and recover the natural and unreasonable order.“

—  Hans Arp Alsatian, sculptor, painter, poet and abstract artist 1886 - 1966
Quoted in: Anna Moszynska, Abstract Art, Thames and Hudson, London, 1990, p. 66

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„It belongs to everybody who is willing to make the effort to learn it. And what is true of science is true of poetry. … Poetry and science are gifts given to all of humanity.“

—  Freeman Dyson theoretical physicist and mathematician 1923
Context: There is no such thing as a unique scientific vision, any more than there is a unique poetic vision. Science is a mosaic of partial and conflicting visions. But there is one common element in these visions. The common element is rebellion against the restrictions imposed by the locally prevailing culture, Western or Eastern as the case may be. It is no more Western than it is Arab or Indian or Japanese or Chinese. Arabs and Indians and Japanese and Chinese had a big share in the development of modern science. And two thousand years earlier, the beginnings of science were as much Babylonian and Egyptian as Greek. One of the central facts about science is that it pays no attention to East and West and North and South and black and yellow and white. It belongs to everybody who is willing to make the effort to learn it. And what is true of science is true of poetry.... Poetry and science are gifts given to all of humanity. Part I : Contemporary Issues in Science, Ch. 1 : "The Scientist as Rebel"; this first appeared in New York Review of Books (25 May 1995).

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„There is a difference between sitting quietly in Switzerland [Dada in Zurich] and bedding down on a vulcano, as we did in Berlin.“

—  Richard Huelsenbeck German poet 1892 - 1974
quote from his later memories on Dada; as quoted in Looking at Dada, eds. Sarah Ganz Blythe & Edward D. Powers - The Museum of Modern Art New York, ISBN: 087070-705-1; p. 4 Huelsenbeck left in 1917 neutral Swiss (Zurich) for war-torn German Berlin]

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„RADIO – DADA DIX whose monumental painting 'Barricade' [now lost] created such a sensation in Dresden“

—  Otto Dix German painter and printmaker 1891 - 1969
from a photo of Otto Dix c. 1920; with text written by himself with crayon on the wall behind him - in standing pose for the photographer; printed in 'Education resource material: beauty, truth and goodness in Dix's War' https://nga.gov.au/dix/edu.pdf, p. 8

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