„DOBSON: Well, I do. It depends on what you mean by that. I feel very strongly about Israel. You know it is surrounded by its enemies. And it exists primarily because God has willed it to exist, I think, according to scripture, but also, because America has stood with Israel. If we ever abandon it, it's gone. There are six million Jews in Israel. There are 400 million Muslims around them that hate them and want many of them -- hate them and want to drive them into the sea. And that is a major concern to me. It's the only democracy in the Middle East. Why wouldn't we support them?“


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Hillary Clinton photo

„And Israel is not only our ally; it is a beacon of what democracy can and should mean… If the people of the Middle East are not sure what democracy means, let them look to Israel.“

—  Hillary Clinton American politician, senator, Secretary of State, First Lady 1947
Hanukkah dinner speech http://www.villagevoice.com/news/0550,lombardi,70903,2.html at Yeshiva University (December 2005)

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Robert P. George photo

„If you hate Jews you do not love God. You may claim to be a Christian (or Muslim) but the God you worship is an idol, not the God of Israel.“

—  Robert P. George American legal scholar 1955
Twitter post https://twitter.com/McCormickProf/status/965423906436866049 (18 February 2018)

F. W. de Klerk photo

„You have Palestinians living in Israel with full political rights. You don’t have discriminatory laws against them, I mean not letting them swim on certain beaches or anything like that. I think it's unfair to call Israel an apartheid state. If Kerry did so, I think he made a mistake.“

—  F. W. de Klerk South African politician 1936
As quoted in "South Africa's de Klerk: Israel not an apartheid state" http://www.timesofisrael.com/south-africas-de-klerk-israel-not-an-apartheid-state/#ixzz3GrpjBXBe (27 May 2014), The Times of Israel

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