„We are not imitating Hitler and Mussolini. They are imitating us. They have just discovered what we knew for centuries: that a corporate, collectivist system pays.“

—  Toshio Shiratori, Quoted in "The American Mercury" - Page 157 - edited by Henry Louis Mencken - 1942.
Toshio Shiratori photo
Toshio Shiratori7
Japanese politician 1887 - 1949

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Leon Trotsky photo

„Both Hitler and Mussolini have plagiarized and imitated practically everything from everyone. Mussolini stole from the Bolsheviks and from Gabriele D’Annunzio, and found inspiration in the camp of big business. Hitler imitated the Bolsheviks and Mussolini.“

—  Leon Trotsky Marxist revolutionary from Russia 1879 - 1940
Stalin: An Appraisal of the Man and his Influence, trans. by Charles Malamuth, New York: NY, The Universal Library (Grosset & Dunlap), 1941, p. 412

Desiderius Erasmus photo

„We must learn how to imitate Cicero from Cicero himself. Let us imitate him as he imitated others.“

—  Desiderius Erasmus Dutch Renaissance humanist, Catholic priest, and theologian 1466 - 1536
in The Erasmus Reader (1990), p. 130.

Frank Stella photo

„If we are the best, it is only fair that they imitate us.“

—  Frank Stella American artist 1936
In: Alexander Alberro, ‎Blake Stimson (1999) Conceptual Art: A Critical Anthology. p. 227

Herbert Hoover photo
Edward R. Murrow photo
François de La Rochefoucauld photo

„He loves to imitate. We often imitate the same person without perceiving it, and we neglect our own good qualities for the good qualities of others, which generally do not suit us.“

—  François de La Rochefoucauld French author of maxims and memoirs 1613 - 1680
Context: Few men, nevertheless, can have unison in many matters without being a copy of each other, if each follow his natural turn of mind. But in general a person will not wholly follow it. He loves to imitate. We often imitate the same person without perceiving it, and we neglect our own good qualities for the good qualities of others, which generally do not suit us.

Norman Thomas photo

„The similarities of the economics of the New Deal to the economics of Mussolini's corporative state or Hitler's totalitarian state are both close and obvious.“

—  Norman Thomas American Presbyterian minister and socialist 1884 - 1968
Three New Deals: Reflections on Roosevelt's America, Mussolini's Italy, and Hitler's Germany, 1933-1939, Wolfgang Schivelbusch, (2006) Metropolitan Books, pp. 28-29.

Oscar Wilde photo
Brandon Sanderson photo
Rick Riordan photo
 Jerome photo
Thomas Gainsborough photo

„Fools talk of imitation and copying, all is imitation.“

—  Thomas Gainsborough English portrait and landscape painter 1727 - 1788
Quote of Gainsborough in a Letter to John Henderson, 27th June 1773


„Virgil imitated Homer, but imitated him as a rival, not as a disciple.“

—  John Conington British classical scholar 1825 - 1869
Introduction, p. 27

Caspar David Friedrich photo

„What pleases us about the older paintings is above all their pious simplicity... However, we do not want to become simple as many have done, but rather become pious and imitate their virtues.“

—  Caspar David Friedrich Swedish painter 1774 - 1840
Quote of Friedrich, in C. D. Eberlein, C. D. Friedrich Bekenntnisse, pp. 72-73; as cited by Linda Siegel in Caspar David Friedrich and the Age of German Romanticism, Boston Branden Press Publishers, 1978, p. 36 it is possible that Friedrich refers critically in the second part of his remark to the Nazarenes

Woody Allen photo

„Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television.“

—  Woody Allen American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, author, playwright, and musician 1935