„See, I never understand why my paintings hold together because I don't have any tricks for doing it and that is usually what makes a painting academic. There were some well-known devices for making a painting work hold together, ave cohesion. This seemed to be organized. But I don't necessarily have to know what the mechanism is. For me, what it really is, is something you have in yourself that makes you feel, it gives the painting a feeling of unity, of oneness, and being of all of one piece.“

Fonte: 1960s, Interview with Dorothy Seckler, 1967, p. 55-59.

Adolph Gottlieb photo
Adolph Gottlieb
1903 - 1974

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„Paint what you feel. Paint what you see. Paint what is real to you.“

—  Robert Henri American painter 1865 - 1929

Fonte: Henri, Robert (2007) [1923], p. 285.

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„Don't you know how to paint? My grandson will paint it better! What is this? Are you men or damned pederasts? How can you paint like that? Do you have a conscience?“

—  Nikita Khrushchev First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 1894 - 1971

Said to avant-garde artists Ely Bielutin and Ernst Neizvestny during a visit to their exhibition (1 December 1962)

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Phillip Guston photo
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„If you don't know what Ad Reinhardt's) paintings are about, you don't know what painting is about [after Reinhardt's death in 1967].“

—  Frank Stella American artist 1936

Quote of 1967; as quoted in Abstract Expressionism, David Anfam, Thames and Hudson Ltd London, 1990
Quotes, 1960 - 1970

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