„Jerry Springer: And what do you do with your concerts?“

—  GG Allin
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GG Allin
1956 - 1993

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„; Jerry Springer“

—  Sean Hannity American television host, conservative political commentator 1961

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„Well its great to do a neighborhood concert.“

—  Paul Simon American musician, songwriter and producer 1941
Context: Well its great to do a neighborhood concert. I hope everyone can hear us. I hope that the sound is good. I hope we are blasting Central Park West and Fifth avenue pretty much away. I just want to thank the police department and the fire department and the parks commissioner, and Ed Koch [Audience boos] — and particularly, you know, people that never get recognized for doing good things for the city, a group of people that have donated half of the proceeds that they're making tonight — the guys who are selling loose joints are giving the city half of their income tonight. During the Concert At Central Park (19 September 1981)

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„It does not matter so much what you do. What matters is whether your soul is harmed by what you do.“

—  Albert Schweitzer French-German physician, theologian, musician and philosopher 1875 - 1965
Context: I do not want to frighten you by telling you about the temptations life will bring. Anyone who is healthy in spirit will overcome them. But there is something I want you to realize. It does not matter so much what you do. What matters is whether your soul is harmed by what you do. If your soul is harmed, something irreparable happens, the extent of which you won't realize until it will be too late.