„The aim of art is to get us to dream, just like music, for it expresses a mood projected onto the canvas, which arouses identical sensations in the viewer.“

— Francis Picabia, two short quotes of Picabia, in 'A Paris painter', by Hapgood, published in 'The Globe and Commercial Advertiser', 20 Febr. 1913, p. 8

Francis Picabia foto
Francis Picabia2
1879 - 1953

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Kurt Cobain foto
Jimmy Carter foto

„Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries.“

— Jimmy Carter American politician, 39th president of the United States (in office from 1977 to 1981) 1924

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„We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.“

— Roald Dahl British novelist, short story writer, poet, fighter pilot and screenwriter 1916 - 1990

 Aristotle foto

„The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.“

—  Aristotle Classical Greek philosopher, student of Plato and founder of Western philosophy -384 - -322 a.C.

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„Ah, music! What a beautiful art! But what a wretched profession!“

— Georges Bizet French composer 1838 - 1875
Starement of 3 August 1867, as quoted in An Encyclopedia of Quotations about Music (1981) by Nat Shapiro, p. 115

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Fernando Pessoa foto

„Punk is not just the sound, the music, punk is a lifestyle.“

— Green Day, By Green Day American Idiot (Tab) [Paperback]

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Frédéric Chopin foto

„I dream music but I cannot make any because here there are not any pianos . . . in this respect this is a savage country.“

— Frédéric Chopin Polish composer 1810 - 1849
Context: My piano has not yet arrived. How did you send it? By Marseilles or by Perpignan? I dream music but I cannot make any because here there are not any pianos... in this respect this is a savage country. Letter to Camille Pleyel.

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Frédéric Chopin foto

„Concerts are never real music, you have to give up the idea of hearing in them all the most beautiful things of art.“

— Frédéric Chopin Polish composer 1810 - 1849
Said to one of his students, according to "Chopin: Pianist and Teacher: As Seen by His Pupils" by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger

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„You just pick a chord, go twang, and you've got music.“

— Sid Vicious English bassist and vocalist 1957 - 1979
Reported in Jon Savage, England's Dreaming: Anarchy, Sex Pistols, Punk Rock, and Beyond (2001), p. 220.