„I finally got tired of making movies where all I did was walk across the screen and look pretty. I got a big chance to do some real acting in The Postman Always Rings Twice, and I'm not going to slip back if I can help it. I tried to persuade the studio to give me something different. But every time I went into my argument about how bad a picture was, they'd say, 'well, it's making a fortune.' That licked me.“

—  Lana Turner, On her experience in the film industry; quoted in MacPherson, Virginia; "Imagine This, Lads; Lana Turner Asks That You Concentrate On Her Acting," Toledo Blade (October 15, 1946).
Lana Turner photo
Lana Turner
1921 - 1995

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„Gradually I got tuned into the world — that happens on every movie. I did a women's movie, and I'm not a woman. I did a gay movie, and I'm not gay. I learned as I went along.“

—  Ang Lee Taiwanese-born American film director, screenwriter and film producer 1954
On developing a sensitivity for authentic details in the making of movies, Salon (17 October 1997).

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„For a while it looked like I was going to be stuck in westerns. I figured out I could make 6 a year for 60 years and then retire. I decided I didn't want it. So I started blinking my eyes every time a gun went off in the scenes. That got me out of westerns.“

—  Robert Mitchum American film actor, author, composer and singer 1917 - 1997
As quoted in "In Hollywood" https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=%22For+a+while,+he+said,+it+looked+like+I+was+going+to+be+stuck+in+westerns.+I+figured+out+I+could+make+six+a+year+for+GO+years+und+then+retire.+I+decided+I+didn't+want+it.%22&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 by Erskine Johnson (NEA), in The Blytheville Courier News (May 2, 1946)

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„People look to me and say
Is the end near, when is the final day?
What's the future of mankind?
How do I know, I got left behind“

—  Ozzy Osbourne English heavy metal vocalist and songwriter 1948
I Don't Know, written by Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads and Bob Daisley

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