„The world in all doth but two nations bear —
The good, the bad; and these mixed everywhere.“

—  Andrew Marvell, The Loyal Scot (1650-1652).
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Andrew Marvell
1621 - 1678

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„Good, bad, and indifferent - It takes all sorts to make a world.“

—  Kenneth Grahame British novelist 1859 - 1932
Context: The Wild Wood is pretty well populated by now; with all the usual lot, good, bad, and indifferent — I name no names. It takes all sorts to make a world. Ch. 4

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„Good doth with evil alternate,
And, deeply pondering, we shall learn 'tis this
Diversity that makes the world so fair.“

—  Ubaldo Mari
Alterni i mali Co' i beni son, e a penetrare il fondo, Questa diversità fa belle il mondo. I, 45. Translation reported in Harbottle's Dictionary of quotations French and Italian (1904), p. 247.

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„All the world is sad and dreary,
Everywhere I roam.“

—  Stephen Foster American songwriter 1826 - 1864
As quoted at Family Book of Best Loved Poems, by David L. George, (1952)

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„Love's whole world on us doth wheel.“

—  Andrew Marvell English metaphysical poet and politician 1621 - 1678

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