„Oh and the waves are going out
Oh and the waves are coming in
Out of the corner of my eye
I think I see you standing outside
But it's just your shirt
Hanging on the washing line
Waving it's arm as the wind blows by
And it looks so alive
Nice and white
Just like it's climbed right out
of my washing machine…“

—  Kate Bush

Song lyrics, Aerial (2005), A Sea of Honey (Disc 1)

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Kate Bush
cantautora britânica 1958

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„p>Fierce and gentle,
Loud and silent,
The river doesn't understand itself.
The wave doesn't find itself, until it reaches the sea.Oh the wave passes,
And the waves to come will be the same.
Hunger for love
Is strong in the heart.Standing before the waves,
I think of you and me.
I think of the great sea
And I wonder where the waves come from.The waves must come from the wind.
And I wonder where the wind comes from,
And I wonder
When will we love each other again?The waves deep in the sea
And the waves on the sea's surface
Long for the shore of the sea.
Day and night the waves cannot sleep
As I can not sleep, even in dreams,
Because of my longing for you.When I go to the North,
Or to the South,
When I go anywhere, I think of you,
My only direction.Out in the great sea
Thousands of waves are pushing,
Which one never reachs the shore
Even miles and miles from home?Life is so long;
Years and months go by.
Like the sea, life is endless.
Clouds fly to the distant horizon.How can I become
Like the hundreds of thousands of small waves
In the great sea of love
And lap forever against your shore?“

—  Xuân Quỳnh poet 1942 - 1988

"Sóng" (29-12-1967)
Original: (vi) <p>Dữ dội và dịu êm
ồn ào và lặng lẽ
Sóng không hiểu nổi mình
Sóng tìm ra tận bể</p><p>Ôi con sóng ngày xưa
Và ngày sau vẫn thế
Nỗi khát vọng tình yêu
Bồi hồi trong ngực trẻ</p><p>Trước muôn trùng sóng bể
Em nghĩ về anh, em
Em nghĩ về biển lớn
Từ nơi nào sóng lên?</p><p>- Sóng bắt đầu từ gió
Gió bắt đầu từ đâu?
Em cũng không biết nữa
Khi nào ta yêu nhau</p><p>Con sóng dưới lòng sâu
Con sóng trên mặt nước
Ôi con sóng nhớ bờ
Ngày đêm không ngủ được
Lòng em nhớ đến anh
Cả trong mơ còn thức</p><p>Dẫu xuôi về phương Bắc
Dẫu ngược về phương Nam
Nơi nào em cũng nghĩ
Hướng về anh - một phương</p><p>Ở ngoài kia đại dương
Trăm nghìn con sóng đó
Con nào chẳng tới bờ
Dù muôn vời cách trở</p><p>Cuộc đời đi dài thế
Năm tháng vãn đi qua
Như biển kia dẫu rộng
Mây vẫn bay về xa</p>Làm sao được tan ra
Thành trăm con sóng nhỏ
Giữa biển lớn tình yêu
Ðể ngàn năm còn vỗ.

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„When I see guys in bars wearing the real fitted kind of Calvin Klein v-neck t-shirts I just want to go up to them and be like, 'Oh, do you work out? Your tricep looks so great - thank you.“

—  Janeane Garofalo comedian, actress, political activist, writer 1964

standup performance (accessible through .WAV files available on the Internet)[citation needed]
Standup routines

„If you want to know everything about the market, go to the beach. Push and pull your hands with the waves. Some are bigger waves, some are smaller. But if you try to push the wave out when it's coming in, it'll never happen. The market is always right.“

—  Ed Seykota American commodities trader 1946

Fonte: Harris, Sunny J. Trading 102: Getting Down to Business, Wiley; 1 edition (September 1998), ISBN 0471181331 Read it here http://books.google.co.uk/books?vid=ISBN0471181331&id=lvq0DElVjRIC&pg=PA10&lpg=PA10&dq=seykota&sig=SvwZDgQxbP1_aH9Pi06-xucp4P0

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„I did my own thinking … I have never given it out to be done by others as one gives out washing.“

—  William Mulock Canadian politician, judge, academic administrator 1843 - 1944

[Sir William Mulock Reviews the Past, The Newmarket Era, Newmarket, Ontario, 1-2, 6 April 1934, http://news.ourontario.ca/newmarket/1128276/data]

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„You can't get that feeling anywhere else. It's communion. It's like being washed away in the ocean, carried aloft on a wave.“

—  Pete Doherty English musician, writer, actor, poet and artist 1979

On performing, interview by Neil McCormick, March 2003
Music and politics

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„Wherever waves can roll, and winds can blow.“

—  Charles Churchill (satirist) British poet 1731 - 1764

The Farewell (1764), line 38; comparable with: "Far as the breeze can bear, the billows foam", Lord Byron, The Corsair, canto i. stanza 1

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„Quality tends to fan out like waves.“

—  Robert M. Pirsig, livro Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Fonte: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1974), Ch. 29
Contexto: Quality tends to fan out like waves. The Quality job he didn't think anyone was going to see is seen, and the person who sees it feels a little better because of it, and is likely to pass that feeling on to others, and in that way the Quality tends to keep on going.

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