„Profit, Empire, Industry. What was a dead lake, a few poisoned rivers, a few slagged hillsides? Priorities, that was what it was about. Priorities and Progress.“

—  Ian McDonald, Chapter 56 (p. 276).

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„I forgive the many for the sake of the few, the living for the dead.“

—  Lucius Cornelius Sulla Ancient Roman general, dictator -138 - -78 a.C.
On calling an end to the sacking of Athens, after a plea on its behalf by two Athenians loyal to Rome, as quoted in The Story of Rome : From the Earliest Times to the Death of Augustus (1900) by Mary Macgregor; also said to be in a translation of Plutarch's works.

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„The dance industry is flogging a dead house.“

—  Mixmaster Morris English ambient DJ 1965
Mixmag 1997. Morris was fired from this job for this comment.

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