„“I believe that the hetero-normative, cis-normative, patriarchal, state-capitalist establishment is evil and must be destroyed.”“

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Justine Tunney4
Software developer from the USA

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„Evil people never believe that they are evil; rather, they believe that everyone else is evil.“

—  Mark Manson American writer and blogger 1984
Chapter 6, “You’re Wrong About Everything (But So Am I)” (p. 133)

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„The United States is evil. There's this axis of evil. What about the allies of evil – the United States, England, Japan, Australia? These are the evildoers.“

—  Роберт Фишер American chess prodigy, chess player, and chess writer 1943 - 2008
Press conference in Iceland, March 25 2005 http://www.bobby-fischer.net/Fischer_clips_hair_but_not_views.htm

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