„I can truly say with Shelley I have been fortunate in friendships: that I have been no less fortunate in my enemies than in my friends.“

—  Algernon Charles Swinburne, From his own Dedicatory Epistle to his Poems & Ballads 1904.

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„I was a cannibal for twenty-five years. For the rest I have been a vegetarian. It was Shelley who first opened my eyes to the savagery of my diet.“

—  George Bernard Shaw Irish playwright 1856 - 1950
Interview "Who I Am, and What I Think", in Frank Harris's periodical The Candid Friend (May 1901), reprinted in Sixteen Self Sketches, 1949, p. 53; quoted in Desmond King-Hele, Shelley: His Thought and Work, 1984, p. 42 https://books.google.it/books?id=V5KvCwAAQBAJ&pg=PA42

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„I've been very fortunate throughout my career.“

—  Richard Matheson American fiction writer 1926 - 2013
Context: I've been very fortunate throughout my career. And I've been lucky enough to have worked with some great and talented people, like Price and Serling. I was just a part of the whole phenomenon coming together. They were exciting times that bubbled over with energy for all those involved.

„Fortunately, there seem to be few of his kind, and my subsequent friendships with university professors have proved exciting, stimulating and fun.“

—  Louis L'Amour Novelist, short story writer 1908 - 1988
Context: Once, when hitchhiking, I was picked up by a professor from some small college. He noticed a book in my coat pocket, and was curious. It was a Modern Library edition, in the limp bindings they used to have, which sold at the time for 95 cents. This one contained Nietzsche‎‎'s Ecce Homo, and The Birth of Tragedy. The professor was a pedantic man of limited imagination and seemed almost offended that I was reading such a book. Obviously I did not fit some category in which he decided I belonged, and when he dropped me off in town, I suspect he was relived to be rid of me. He kept asking me why I wanted to read such a book. At first, he doubted I was reading it. Where had I heard of Nietzsche‎‎? When I told him I thought it was in the preface to a book on Schopenhauer, he was even more disturbed and probably believed I was lying. Fortunately, there seem to be few of his kind, and my subsequent friendships with university professors have proved exciting, stimulating and fun. Ch. 11

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„I have wedded the cause of human improvement, staked on it my fortune, my reputation and my life.“

—  Frances Wright American activist 1795 - 1852
Self-written epitaph on her tombstone in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati Ohio (c. 1850)

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„I have no enemies. But my friends don't like me.“

—  Philip Larkin English poet, novelist, jazz critic and librarian 1922 - 1985

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