„I can truly say with Shelley I have been fortunate in friendships: that I have been no less fortunate in my enemies than in my friends.“

From his own Dedicatory Epistle to his Poems & Ballads 1904.

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„Fortunately, there seem to be few of his kind, and my subsequent friendships with university professors have proved exciting, stimulating and fun.“

—  Louis L'Amour Novelist, short story writer 1908 - 1988

Ch. 11
Education of a Wandering Man (1989)
Contexto: Once, when hitchhiking, I was picked up by a professor from some small college. He noticed a book in my coat pocket, and was curious. It was a Modern Library edition, in the limp bindings they used to have, which sold at the time for 95 cents. This one contained Nietzsche‎‎'s Ecce Homo, and The Birth of Tragedy.
The professor was a pedantic man of limited imagination and seemed almost offended that I was reading such a book. Obviously I did not fit some category in which he decided I belonged, and when he dropped me off in town, I suspect he was relived to be rid of me.
He kept asking me why I wanted to read such a book. At first, he doubted I was reading it. Where had I heard of Nietzsche‎‎?
When I told him I thought it was in the preface to a book on Schopenhauer, he was even more disturbed and probably believed I was lying. Fortunately, there seem to be few of his kind, and my subsequent friendships with university professors have proved exciting, stimulating and fun.

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„I was the last to consent to the separation; but the separation having been made and having become inevitable, I have always said, as I say now, that I would be the first to meet the friendship of the United States as an independent power.“

—  George III of the United Kingdom King of Great Britain and King of Ireland 1738 - 1820

To John Adams, as quoted in Adams, C.F. (editor) (1850–56), The works of John Adams, second president of the United States, vol. VIII, pp. 255–257, quoted in Ayling, p. 323 and Hibbert, p. 165.

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„Madam, I have been looking for a person who disliked gravy all my life; let us swear eternal friendship.“

—  Sydney Smith English writer and clergyman 1771 - 1845

p. 257: Let us swear an eternal friendship. Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin. The Rovers
Lady Holland's Memoir (1855)

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„I have had closer interactions with President Putin than with any other foreign colleagues. He is my best and bosom friend. I cherish dearly our deep friendship.“

—  Xi Jinping General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and paramount leader of China 1953

As quoted in " 18 photos that show the blossoming bromance between China's Xi Jinping and Russia's Vladimir Putin https://www.businessinsider.com/china-xi-jinping-russia-vladimir-putin-best-friends-photos-2019-6" Business Insider

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„My good Lord and friend Sala, - [I] enjoyed the blissful pleasure enjoyed by your friendship... When I reached the city [The Hague] again yesterday, I have taken the fishes out of the basket more than 12 times, to show them... That day, friend Sala, belongs among the most pleasant of my life, all moments have kept me alive until now, always sitting [fishing] in the boat, swaying with the bobbers in the field of view..“

—  Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch Dutch painter of the Hague School (1824-1903) 1824 - 1903

version in original Dutch / citaat van J. H. Weissenbruch, in het Nederlands: Heer en vriend Sala, - Het zalige genot door uwe vriendschap volop genoten.. .Toen ik gisteren weder de stad [Den Haag] had bereikt, had ik niet minder dan 12 maal de fluiten [vissen] uit den mand gelegt om dezen ten toon te stellen.. .Dien dag, vriend Sala, behoord onder de schoonste van mijn leven, alle oogenblikken hebben mij tot heden levendig gehouden, altijd zittende [vissen] in den boot, schommelende met den dobbers in 't gezicht..
pp. 34-35

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