„It’s not right-wing populism that endangers Jewish survival in Europe and Canada; it’s the influx of Muslims. There’s nothing new in the Jewish leadership’s habit of kibitzing about the dangers to Jewish continuity from marauding Mormons (their sin is to convert dead Jews). Or, from Mel Gibson, whose movie “The Passion of the Christ” was supposed to unleash pogroms in Pittsburgh, as they falsely prophesied.“

"Islam, Not Trump, Is The Elephant In The Room, Threatening Jewish Survival" https://townhall.com/columnists/ilanamercer/2017/02/23/islam-not-trump-is-the-elephant-in-the-room-threatening-jewish-survival-n2289643 Townhall.com, February 23, 2017
2010s, 2017

Ilana Mercer photo
Ilana Mercer288
South African writer

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Marc Chagall photo

„For me, Christ has always symbolized the true type of the Jewish martyr. That is how I understood him in 1908 when I used this figure for the first time... It was under the influence of the pogroms. Then I painted and drew him in pictures about ghettos, surrounded by Jewish troubles, by Jewish mothers, running terrified with little children in their arms.“

—  Marc Chagall French artist and painter 1887 - 1985

quote from: From Rebel to Rabbi: Reclaiming Jesus and the Making of Modern Jewish Culture, Matthew B. Hoffman; Stanford University Press, 2007, p. 218
Chagall started in 1912 (in Paris) to paint his 'Golgotha' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Marc_Chagall,_1912,_Calvary_(Golgotha)_Christus_gewidmet,_oil_on_canvas,_174.6_x_192.4_cm,_Museum_of_Modern_Art,_New_York.jpg and later more Crucifixions. In this (later! quote) Chagall looks back on this question.

Robert Ley photo
Pope Pius X photo

„We cannot prevent Jews from going to Jerusalem, but we can never sanction it. Jews have not recognized Our Lord, therefore we cannot recognize the Jewish people. They had ample time to acknowledge Christ's divinity without pressure, but they didn't. Should the Jews manage to set foot on the once promised old-new land, the missionaries of the Church would stand prepared to baptize them. Jerusalem cannot be placed in Jewish hands.“

—  Pope Pius X Catholic Pope and saint 1835 - 1914

To Theodor Herzl in a meeting in the Vatican (25 January 1904), quoted in "Catholic Church's long road to accepting Judaism" in The Los Angeles Times (11 May 2009) http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-hier11-2009may11,0,1481965.story, "Jews Can't Take "Yes" for an Answer" (2000) by Harold M. Schulweis http://www.reformjudaismmag.net/900hs.html, and "Theodore Herzl and the Pope" http://ziomania.com/herzl/Theodore%20Herzl%20and%20the%20Pope.htm

Richard Nixon photo

„You know, it's a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana are Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob? What is the matter with them? I suppose it is because most of them are psychiatrists.“

—  Richard Nixon 37th President of the United States of America 1913 - 1994

Statement (26 May 1971) as quoted in Newsweek (27 May 2004) http://web.archive.org/web/20060614124156/http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5079259/site/newsweek/

Stephen Colbert photo
Karlheinz Deschner photo

„The Christians wrested the Old Testament out of the hands of the Jews and used it as a weapon against them. The belief in their own selection by God was turned into an expression of the absolute and exclusive position of Christianity, and Jewish Messianism was twisted into the doctrine of Christ's return.“

—  Karlheinz Deschner, livro Abermals krähte der Hahn

Die Christen entwendeten den Juden das Alte Testament und gebrauchten es als Waffe gegen sie. […] Dabei münzte man den Glauben von der Auserwähltheit Israels zum Absolutheitsanspruch des Christentums und den jüdischen Messianismus zur Lehre von der Wiederkunft Christi um.
Abermals krähte der Hahn, btb-Taschenbücher im Goldmann Verlag 1996, ISBN 3-442-72025-7, S. 505

Joseph Goebbels photo

„Christ is the genius of love and as such the most diametric antipole to Jewry, which is the incarnation of hate. … Christ was the first anti-Jewish opponent of stature. … The Jew is the lie that became flesh. He nailed Christ to the cross, and thus for the first time in history nailed the eternal truth to the cross.“

—  Joseph Goebbels Nazi politician and Propaganda Minister 1897 - 1945

Christus ist das Genie der Liebe, als solches der diametralste Gegenpol zum Judentum, das die Inkarnation des Hasses darstellt. … Christus ist der erste Judengegner von Format. … Der Jude ist die menschgewordene Lüge. In Christus hat er zum erstenmal vor der Geschichte die ewige Wahrheit ans Kreuz geschlagen.
Michael: a German fate in diary notes (1926)

Mel Gibson photo

„This is not a Christian versus Jewish thing. '(Jesus) came into the world and it knew him not.' Looking at Christ's crucifixion, I look first at my own culpability in that.“

—  Mel Gibson American actor, film director, producer and screenwriter 1956

Discussing The Passion of the Christ in an interview on Eternal Word Television Network, March 2004.

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Edward Thomson photo
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