„No one can doubt that presumptions may be made in criminal as well as in civil cases. It is constantly the practice to act upon them, and I apprehend that more than one half of the persons convicted of crimes are convicted on presumptive evidence.“

—  Sir John Bayley, 1st Baronet, 1 St. Tr. (N. S.) 131.
Sir John Bayley, 1st Baronet21
British judge 1763 - 1841

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„For the highest exercise of judicial duty is to subordinate one's personal pulls and one's private views to the law of which we are all guaradians - those impersonal convictions that made a society a civilized community, and not the victims of personal rule.“

—  Felix Frankfurter American judge 1882 - 1965
A Heritage For All Who Love The Law 51 ABAJ 330 (1965); quoted by United States Senator Howell Heflin during the confirmation debate for Justice David Souter, on September 24, 1990, S13540.

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„I kill from conviction, not to pass a personality quiz.“

—  Brian W. Aldiss British science fiction author 1925 - 2017
“Basis for Negotiations” p. 143

„There is no presumption in this country that every person knows the law: it would be contrary to common sense and reason if it were so.“

—  William Henry Maule British politician 1788 - 1858
Martindale v. Falkner (1846), 2 C. B. 720, and characterised by Blackburn, J., in The Queen v. Mayor of Tewkesbury, L. R. 3 Q. B. 629.

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„Belief in God is a matter of personal conviction and faith.“

—  Morarji Desai Former Indian Finance Minister, Freedom Fighters, Former prime minister 1896 - 1995

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„If you're the sort of person who likes absolutes, you want them even if all your other convictions change.“

—  Mark Rosenfelder American language inventor
What's wrong with libertarianism http://www.zompist.com/libertos.html

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„It gives one something of a shock, indeed, to consider what a very small part of our guiding convictions are in any way connected with our personal experience.“

—  James Harvey Robinson American historian 1863 - 1936
Context: It gives one something of a shock, indeed, to consider what a very small part of our guiding convictions are in any way connected with our personal experience. The date of our own birth is quite as strictly historical a fact as that of Artaphernes or of Innocent III; we are forced to a helpless reliance upon the evidence of others for both events. So it comes about that our personal recollections insensibly merge into history in the ordinary sense of the word. History, from this point of view, may be regarded as an artificial extension and broadening of our memories and may be used to overcome the natural bewilderment of all unfamiliar situations. Could we suddenly be endowed with a Godlike and exhaustive knowledge of the whole history of mankind, far more complete than the combined knowledge of all the histories ever written, we should gain forthwith a Godlike appreciation of the world in which we live, and a Godlike insight into the evils which mankind now suffers, as well as into the most promising methods for alleviating them, not because the past would furnish precedents of conduct, but because our conduct would be based upon a perfect comprehension of existing conditions founded upon a perfect knowledge of the past. Ch. 1 : The New History, p. 20

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