„The government will not be intimidated. Orders have been given to maintain order at all costs.“

—  Balthazar Johannes Vorster, On 18 June 1976 to parliament after the Soweto riots, as quoted in Down with Afrikaans - Oakes, D. (ed.), 1988. Illustrated history of South Africa – The real story, Reader’s Digest: Cape Town http://www.sahistory.org.za/archive/down-afrikaans-oakes-d-ed1988-illustrated-history-south-africa-%26ndash%3B-real-story-reader%E2%80%99s-digest-, sahistory.org.za

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Alfonso X of Castile photo

„Had I been present at the Creation, I would have given some useful hints for the better ordering of the universe.“

—  Alfonso X of Castile King of Castile 1221 - 1284
After studying Ptolemy's treatise on astronomy.; reported in Thomas Carlyle, History of Frederick the Great, book ii. chap. vii. Carlyle wrote that this saying of Alfonso about Ptolemy's astronomy, "that it seemed a crank machine; that it was pity the Creator had not taken advice," is still remembered by mankind, — this and no other of his many sayings. If the Lord Almighty had consulted me before embarking on creation thus, I should have recommended something simpler. Quoted/paraphrased by Adam Riess in his Nobel Prize (in Physics 2011) lecture slides on Supernovae Reveal An Accelerating Universe (A Science Adventure Story). <!--http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CCQQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nobelprize.org%2Fnobel_prizes%2Fphysics%2Flaureates%2F2011%2Friess-lecture_slides.pdf&ei=UmtoUOXlN8nXtAahmoCQDw&usg=AFQjCNEJJaEdSL2En2TjIaOTiQ5-Gtz-rQ&sig2=iGSgSzY2T-OO8pj-xAAaEw-->

James Jesus Angleton photo

„It is inconceivable that a secret arm of the government has to comply with all the overt orders of the government.“

—  James Jesus Angleton chief of the CIA's counterintelligence (CI) staff from 1954 to 1975 1917 - 1987
Tim Weiner, Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA, Anchor Books, 2008, page 390

Henri Fayol photo
Abraham Lincoln photo

„It is in order that each of you may have through this free government“

—  Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States 1809 - 1865
Context: It is in order that each of you may have through this free government which we have enjoyed, an open field and a fair chance for your industry, enterprise and intelligence; that you may all have equal privileges in the race of life, with all its desirable human aspirations. It is for this the struggle should be maintained, that we may not lose our birthright — not only for one, but for two or three years. The nation is worth fighting for, to secure such an inestimable jewel.

Orson Scott Card photo
Isaac Asimov photo

„A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.“

—  Isaac Asimov American writer and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, known for his works of science fiction and popula... 1920 - 1992
"Runaround" in Astounding Science Fiction (March 1942); later published in I, Robot (1950)

Anselme Bellegarrigue photo

„Yes, anarchy is order, government is civil war.“

—  Anselme Bellegarrigue French anarchist 1813
Bellegarrigue is often credited with first using the slogan "Anarchy is order, government is civil war" in 1848; it may have been derived from Pierre-Joseph Proudhon's expression, in What is Property? An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government (1840): "As man seeks justice in equality, so society seeks order in anarchy."<!-- ** Also quoted in Anarchism: A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movements (1962) by George Woodcock, p. 276 -->

James A. Garfield photo
Augusto Pinochet photo
Frank Herbert photo
Margaret Thatcher photo
José Saramago photo

„Words were not given to man in order to conceal his thoughts.“

—  José Saramago Portuguese writer and recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature 1928 - 2008
p. 124

Gustav Stresemann photo