„Serpents, thirst, burning-sand – all are welcomed by the brave; endurance finds pleasure in hardship; virtue rejoices when it pays dear for its existence.“

—  Lucano, livro Pharsalia

Book IX, line 402 (tr. J. D. Duff).
Original: (la) Serpens, sitis, ardor harenae
dulcia virtuti; gaudet patientia duris;
laetius est, quotiens magno sibi constat, honestum.

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Lucano photo
39 - 65

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„Even cowards can endure hardship; only the brave can endure suspense.“

—  Mignon McLaughlin American journalist 1913 - 1983

The Complete Neurotic's Notebook (1981), Unclassified

Fred Phelps photo

„We at Westboro Baptist Church are rejoicing, and we are praying that the dear Lord would burn many more Australians alive!“

—  Fred Phelps American pastor and activist 1929 - 2014

2000s, God Hates Australia (2009)
Contexto: God hates Australia, land of the sodomite damned! The fag-infested land of Australia is burning. The fire of God's wrath is sending hundreds of those filthy Australian beasts straight to hell! We at Westboro Baptist Church are rejoicing, and we are praying that the dear Lord would burn many more Australians alive!

John Milton photo
Theodor Mommsen photo

„An independent state does not pay too dear for its independence in accepting the sufferings of war when it cannot avoid them“

—  Theodor Mommsen German classical scholar, historian, jurist, journalist, politician, archaeologist and writer 1817 - 1903

Vol. 3, pg. 20, translated by W.P. Dickson
The History of Rome - Volume 3

St. Vincent (musician) photo
John Davidson photo
John Dryden photo

„Endure the hardships of your present state,
Live, and reserve yourselves for better fate.“

—  John Dryden English poet and playwright of the XVIIth century 1631 - 1700

Aeneis, Book I, lines 289–290.
The Works of Virgil (1697)

Thomas Hobbes photo

„For such Truth as opposeth no man's profit nor pleasure is to all men welcome.“

—  Thomas Hobbes, livro Leviathan

Review and Conclusion, p. 396, (Last text line)
Leviathan (1651)

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Anton Chekhov photo
Indíra Gándhí photo
Evagrius Ponticus photo
Khalil Gibran photo
Ray Bradbury photo

„It was a pleasure to burn.“

—  Ray Bradbury, livro Fahrenheit 451

Fonte: Fahrenheit 451

Hazrat Inayat Khan photo

„Welcomed when it comes as long it finds me upright and strong“

—  Konstantinos Mitsotakis

About death https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aT5rhOU1Cw
Original: (el) Καλοδεχούμενος όταν έρθει αρκεί να με βρει όρθιο και δυνατό

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Ovid photo

„Let him who loves, where love success may find,
Spread all his sails before the prosp'rous wind;
But let poor youths who female scorn endure,
And hopeless burn, repair to me for cure.“

—  Ovid, livro Remedia amoris

Original: (la) Siquis amat quod amare iuvat, feliciter ardens
Gaudeat, et vento naviget ille suo.
At siquis male fert indignae regna puellae,
Ne pereat, nostrae sentiat artis opem.
Fonte: Remedia Amoris (The Cure for Love), Lines 13-16

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Elton John photo

„Welcome to the world of bullshit, my dear. You have arrived.“

—  Elton John English rock singer-songwriter, composer and pianist 1947

Advice to a young John Mayer, when Mayer was first attacked in the tabloids
Young, Richard (July 19, 2007) "John Mayer MSM Interview, v.2007" http://johnmayer.yuku.com/sreply/226966/t/John-Mayer-MSM-Interview-v-2007.html MyStupidMouth.com Retrieved July 25, 2007.

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