„You don't have to like your life to get it off your mind. You DO have to renegotiate your agreements w/yourself about it.“

—  David Allen, 15 August 2010 https://twitter.com/gtdguy/status/21206170236

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„Do you believe in miracles?“

—  Federico Buffa, Riferita ai 13 punti in 35 secondi messi a segno da Tracy McGrady in Rockets-Spurs 9 dicembre 2004]

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„The real reality is there, but everything you KNOW about “it” is in your mind and your
to do with as you like. Conceptualization is art, and YOU ARE THE ARTIST“

—  Gregory Hill, Principia Discordia ● Or ● How I Found Goddess and What I Did to Her When I Found Her: The Magnum Opiate of Malaclypse the Younger

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„How can you justify keeping a calendar & still keep most of your other commitments w/yourself in your head?“

—  David Allen American productivity consultant and author 1945
10 July 2011 https://twitter.com/gtdguy/status/89936622044450816

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