„Every note leaves in each of us a memory, but it is the melody as a whole that tells a story, the story of someone wanting to get closer to another person and who keeps on trying, despite repeated rejections.“

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„The star system has us making pictures with personalities rather than stories, sacrificing everything in order to keep some old bags playing young women.“

—  Gregg Toland American cinematographer 1904 - 1948
From an essay Toland wrote for International Photographer arguing that cinematographers needed to be uncompromising. Hilton Als (2006). "The Cameraman". The New Yorker (June 19): 46–51

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„Believe not each accusing tongue,
As most weak persons do;
But still believe that story wrong,
Which ought not to be true!“

—  Richard Brinsley Sheridan Irish-British politician, playwright and writer 1751 - 1816
Reported in Nicholas Harris Nicolas, The Carcanet: a Literary Album, Containing Select Passages from the Most Distinguished English Writers (1828), p. 132.

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