„Throughout history there runs one main trend: a progressive differentiation, or passage from simple to more complex forms in behavior, thought, and social organization.“

Fonte: The Next Development in Man (1948), p. 73

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Lancelot Law Whyte62
Scottish industrial engineer 1896 - 1972

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„People as adaptive organisms adjust their behavior and beliefs to the social context and to the reality of their own past and present behavior and situation.“

—  Gerald R. Salancik American organizational theorist 1943 - 1996

Fonte: A social information processing approach to job attitudes and task design. 1978, p. 226

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„Anyone who is of a thoughtful, philisophical cast of mind will occasionaly be struck by the appearance of certain organizing principles of history. The forms these principles seem to take inevitably depends upon one's specific obsession.“

—  Matthew Stover, livro Blade of Tyshalle

For a mornachist, history is a struggle of classes of economic civil war. An agriculturalist sees the dynamic of populations, land, and availability of food; a philosopher might speak of the will to power or the will to sythesis; a theologian of the will of God.
(II.2) Del Rey, p. 100
Blade of Tyshalle (2001)

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