„What do I want from this life? What makes you happy is not enough. All the things that satisfy our instincts only satisfy the animal in us. I want to be proud of myself. I want more. I want to look up to myself and when I die, I want to smile because of the things I have done, not cry for the things I haven't done.“

—  Tom Hurndall, Diary, (November 2001) Memorial Address by Jocelyn Hurndall (PDF) https://web.archive.org/web/20060108221709/http://www.tomhurndall.co.uk/memorial/Address%20at%20Memorial%20Westminster%20Cathedral%20_2_.pdf
Tom Hurndall1
British activist 1981 - 2004

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„I want it all,
I want it all for myself.“

—  Sufjan Stevens American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist 1975
"All for Myself"

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„For I myself saw the Sibyl indeed at Cumae with my own eyes hanging in a jar; and when the boys used to say to her, "Sibyl, what do you want?" she replied, 'I want to die."“

—  Petronius Roman courtier, supposed author of the Satyricon 27 - 66
Sec. 48 In the T. S. Eliot poem, "The Waste Land", this quote is written in Greek and Latin as follows: Nam Sibyllam quidem Cumis ego ipse oculis meis vidi in ampulla pendere, et cum illi pueri dicerent: Σίβυλλα τί θέλεις; respondebat illa: ἀποθανεῖν θέλω. The translation generally associated with Eliot's poem is as follows: For with my own eyes I saw the Sibyl hanging in a bottle, and when the young boys asked her, 'Sibyl, what do you want?', she replied, 'I want to die' . The quote refers to the mythic Cumaean Sibyl who bargained with Apollo, offering her virginity for years of life totaling as many grains of sand as she could hold in her hand. However, after she spurned his love, he allowed her to wither away over the span of her near-immortality, as she forgot to ask for eternal youth.

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