„A good basic selling idea, involvement and relevancy, of course, are as important as ever, but in the advertising din of today, unless you make yourself noticed and believed, you ain't got nothin.“

As quoted in Street-Smart Advertising: How to Win the Battle of the Buzz (2006) by Margo Berman, p. 95

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Leo Burnett photo
Leo Burnett2
1891 - 1971

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Neil Diamond photo

„Two bit manchild I was
Born for nothin' mostly
Good time with sometime women.
Nothin' ain't ever hold me.
You can't change me none.“

—  Neil Diamond American singer-songwriter 1941

Two-Bit Manchild
Song lyrics, Velvet Gloves and Spit (1968)

„Out here you better have a gun, and a gun in the wagon ain't good for nothin'.“

—  Louis L'Amour Novelist, short story writer 1908 - 1988

Fonte: The Quick and the Dead (1973), Ch. 5; the statement here wrongly attributed by a character in the story to a Quaker, who are generally pacifists, is actually one usually attributed to the Puritan, Oliver Cromwell.
Contexto: Out here you better have a gun, and a gun in the wagon ain't good for nothin'. I believe what the old Quaker said,"Trust in the Lord, but keep your powder dry."

Jean-Claude Van Damme photo

„In a dojo… you will never become any good unless you believe in yourself.“

—  Jean-Claude Van Damme Belgian actor, martial artist, director 1960

The Hollywood Dream: An Interview With Jean Claude Van Damme, Don Warrener, 2008-03-11 http://www.fightingarts.com/reading/article.php?id=226,

Moms Mabley photo

„They say you shouldn't say nothin' about the dead unless it's good. He's dead. Good!“

—  Moms Mabley American comedian and actress 1894 - 1975

1,001 Insults, Put-Downs, and Comebacks, Price, Steven, 2007, Globe Pequot, 312 http://books.google.com/books?id=4gLQlHab4NsC&pg=PA312&lpg=PA312&dq=%22They+say+you+shouldn't+say+nothin'+about+the+dead+unless+it's+good.+He's+dead.+Good!%22&source=bl&ots=vc8aIflDYJ&sig=uoSv1BYEAN6E6EWcWCWxZEnbOLg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=lIWCUpmQPNGpsATX-IHQBQ&ved=0CCoQ6AEwAQ,

John Lennon photo

„So advertise yourself that you're for peace if you believe in it.“

—  John Lennon English singer and songwriter 1940 - 1980

Interview on The David Frost Show (14 June 1969)
Contexto: We're trying to sell peace, like a product, you know, and sell it like people sell soap or soft drinks. And it's the only way to get people aware that peace is possible, and it isn't just inevitable to have violence. Not just war — all forms of violence. People just accept it and think 'Oh, they did it, or Harold Wilson did it, or Nixon did it,' they're always scapegoating people. And it isn't Nixon's fault. We're all responsible for everything that goes on, you know, we're all responsible for Biafra and Hitler and everything. So we're just saying "SELL PEACE" — anybody interested in peace just stick it in the window. It's simple but it lets somebody else know that you want peace too, because you feel alone if you're the only one thinking 'wouldn't it be nice if there was peace and nobody was getting killed.' So advertise yourself that you're for peace if you believe in it.

Bob Dylan photo

„A lot of people complaining that there is no work. I say, "Why you say that for?" When nothin' you got is US-made — they don't make nothin' here no more.“

—  Bob Dylan American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and artist 1941

Song lyrics, Infidels (1983), Union Sundown

Dinah Craik photo
Will Rogers photo

„advertising […] makes you spend money you haven't got for things you don't want.“

—  Will Rogers American humorist and entertainer 1879 - 1935

As the Connecticut Yankee Hank Morgan / Sir Boss in the 1931 film A Connecticut Yankee (after Mark Twain). Cf. Ivan G. Shreve Jr: Thrilling days of yesteryear blogspot.de/2009/09 http://thrillingdaysofyesteryear.blogspot.de/2009/09/grey-market-cinema-connecticut-yankee.html. Also quoted in Printers' Ink magazine, volume 156, issue 1 (1931), p. 3 books.google https://books.google.com/books?id=-oULAQAAIAAJ&q=arthur's and Advertising Outdoors Vol. 2, No. 8 (August 1931), p. 19 https://books.google.com/books?id=rZcXAQAAMAAJ&q=definitions, https://books.google.com/books?id=rZcXAQAAMAAJ&q=spend+money = http://www.forgottenbooks.com/readbook_text/Advertising_Outdoors_1000005193/373
As quoted in ...

Sarah Dessen photo

„Believe in yourself up here and it will make you stronger than you could ever imagine.“

—  Sarah Dessen, livro Keeping the Moon

Fonte: Keeping the Moon

Stefan Zweig photo

„If you are going to sell yourself, you should at least get a good price.“

—  Stefan Zweig, livro Beware of Pity

Beware of Pity (1939)

Ivan Illich photo
Gertrude Stein photo

„And identity is funny being yourself is funny as you are never yourself to yourself except as you remember yourself and then of course you do not believe yourself.“

—  Gertrude Stein American art collector and experimental writer of novels, poetry and plays 1874 - 1946

Fonte: Everybody’s Autobiography (1937), Ch. 2

Eminem photo

„You ain't gonna sell two copies if you press a double album.“

—  Eminem American rapper and actor 1972

"Just Don't Give A Fuck" (Track 15).
1990s, The Slim Shady LP (1999)

„Ever since I heard you is got a million dollars I notice you is fraught with perspicacity.“

—  Walt Kelly American cartoonist 1913 - 1973

Uncle Baldwin (speaking to Churchy)
Pogo comic strip (1948 - 1975), Others

William S. Burroughs photo
Scott Adams photo
Grace Lee Boggs photo

„I’ve come to believe that you cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it and responsible for changing it.“

—  Grace Lee Boggs social activist and feminist 1915 - 2015

"'Revolution as a New Beginning': An Interview with Grace Lee Boggs" http://web.archive.org/web/20070415072944/http://oat.tao.ca/~tom/journal/uta1_sequential.pdf. Upping the Anti No. 1. p. 28. March 31, 2005. Interview conducted at Boggs's home in Detroit, Michigan, July 22, 2003. (Web archives http://uppingtheanti.org/journal/article/01-revolution-as-a-new-beginning/ http://web.archive.org/web/20081030014009/http://uppingtheanti.org/node/1280)

Ingrid Newkirk photo
Joseph Delaney photo
John C. Maxwell photo

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