„Dialogue in Hell:
Ninth Dialogue

Machiavelli: And where have you ever seen that a constitution, really worthy of the name, really durable, has ever been the result of popular deliberation? A constitution must come forth fully armed from the head of one man alone, or it is nothing but a work condemned to oblivion. Without homogeneity, without linking of parties, without practical strength, it will necessarily bear the imprint of all the weaknesses of sight that have presided at its composition….

Montesquieu: …One would say, to hear you, that you are going to draw a people out of chaos or out of the deep night of their first origins….

Machiavelli: I do not say no: therefore you will see that I need not destroy your institutions from top to bottom to arrive at my goal. It will suffice me to modify the arrangements and to change the methods.“

The Plot: The Secret Story of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (10/2/2005)

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1917 - 2005

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„To hell with the fate that makes you share a man… You slave like the maid, but without the pay. If I had known how it would go, I think I would have lived alone.“

—  Hồ Xuân Hương Vietnamese poet 1772 - 1822

As quoted in Vietnam Past and Present: The North, ed. Andrew Forbes and David Henley (Cognoscenti Books, 2012)

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„It's hard to hear what they're saying. Have you ever tried to say, 'What's the special today?' to somebody from Bulgaria? And the worst ones — if they're from India. I mean, they're all lovely people, but you gotta have an interpreter. Or how many of you try to return something on Amazon on a telephone?“

—  Paul LePage American businessman, Republican Party politician, and the 74th Governor of Maine 1948

About workers with accents. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/maine-gov-paul-lepage-mocks-immigrant-workers-speech-article-1.2613543 (April 25, 2016)

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