„I might get an idea [for the start of a painting] sitting looking at the river, or something, or a specific.... Yeess. I'm sure, yes, I'm sure it [the environment] influences me in terms of green and gray and color and... I mean, New York light is so different, and it always hits me when I come here [in New York], and it excites me to see great extremes of dark and light and no nuance - which I love. But there the Isle de France [round about Paris] has that, you know, filtered light that is that.. where even on a gray day, the green is very green, and the red is very red.... I think walking out barefoot and moving the paintings, being able to move them out of my studio [in Vetheuil] for transportation, things like that have had [influence]... As well as the landscape. Lake Michigan was pretty important, you know.“

— Joan Mitchell, Tape number two, side A

Joan Mitchell
1925 - 1992

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„I don't know why we are here, but I'm pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves.“

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As quoted in The Beginning of the End (2004) by Peter Hershey, p. 109 <!-- I am somewhat inclined to dispute this, as this is the earliest source I have yet found for this — ~ 2009·04·26 18:44 Kalki --> <!-- Google Books search "New scientist, Volume 143, Issues 1932-1945," p. 50, beginning of the article titled "the relentless rise of science as fun." Way better now is not it? :) -->

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