„What is happening to my sexuality?
It's cold, it's pasionless, and what's worse, it's dull.
John Preston was right. SM has become a nice, sweet alternative to heavy petting, and the leaders of this SM "community" want us to be the Elks or some other animal-named civics association, gathering to sell expensive clothing and raffle tickets, congratulating ourselves on how nice we are.“

—  Laura Antoniou, p. 13
Laura Antoniou photo
Laura Antoniou8
American novelist 1963

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„If an animal is named after what it eats, how interesting is it?“

—  Karl Pilkington English television personality, social commentator, actor, author and former radio producer 1972
Xfm 26 July 2003

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„The Commonwealth is a mere club, but it has become like an 'Animal Farm' where some members are more equal than others. How can Blair claim to regulate and direct events and still say all of us are equals?“

—  Robert Mugabe former President of Zimbabwe 1924
Richard Dowden, "Mugabe: Commonwealth is 'Animal Farm'", Independent on Sunday, 7 December 2003. Speech to ZANU-PF Congress, 6 December 2003.

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