„… I pounded the doors at the local IBM sales office until a salesman took pity on me. After we chatted for a while, he handed me a Fortran [manual]. I'm sure he gave it to me thinking, "I'll never hear from this kid again." I returned the following week saying, "This is really cool. I've read the whole thing and have written a small program. Where can I find a computer?" The fellow, to my delight, found me programming time on an IBM 1130 on weekends and late-evening hours. That was my first programming experience, and I must thank that anonymous IBM salesman for launching my career. Thank you, IBM.“

—  Grady Booch, Grady Booch (2003-04-03) in interview "Grady Booch polishes his crystal ball", IBM

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John Backus photo

„Much of my work has come from being lazy. I didn't like writing programs, and so, when I was working on the IBM 701 (an early computer), writing programs for computing missile trajectories, I started work on a programming system to make it easier to write programs.“

—  John Backus American computer scientist 1924 - 2007
Quoted in the IBM employee magazine Think in 1979. Cited by his Associated Press obituary http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17704662/

„IBM wanted CP/M prompts. It made me throw up.“

—  Tim Paterson American computer programmer, best known as the original author of MS-DOS 1956

Benoît Mandelbrot photo
Stevie Nicks photo

„My first serious programming work was done in the very early 1960s, in Assembler languages on IBM and Honeywell machines. Although I was a careful designer — drawing meticulous flowcharts before coding — and a conscientious tester, I realised that program design was hard and the results likely to be erroneous. Into the Honeywell programs, which formed a little system for an extremely complex payroll, I wrote some assertions, with run-time tests that halted program execution during production runs. Time constraints didn't allow restarting a run from the beginning of the tape. So for the first few weeks I had the frightening task on several payroll runs of repairing an erroneous program at the operator’s keyboard ¾ correcting an error in the suspended program text, adjusting the local state of the program, and sometimes modifying the current and previous tape records before resuming execution. On the Honeywell 400, all this could be done directly from the console typewriter. After several weeks without halts, there seemed to be no more errors. Before leaving the organisation, I replaced the run-time halts by brief diagnostic messages: not because I was sure all the errors had been found, but simply because there would be no-one to handle a halt if one occurred. An uncorrected error might be repaired by clerical adjustments; a halt in a production run would certainly be disastrous.“

—  Michael A. Jackson British computer scientist 1936
Michael A. Jackson (2000), "The Origins of JSP and JSD: a Personal Recollection", in: IEEE Annals of Software Engineering, Volume 22 Number 2, pages 61-63, 66, April-June 2000.

John Mayer photo
Louis Gerstner photo
C. Wright Mills photo

„IBM Plus Reality Plus Humanism=Sociology“

—  C. Wright Mills American sociologist 1916 - 1962
Power, Politics, and People Boston: Beacon Press, (1963).

Willem Roelofs photo

„Bosboom seemed to have enjoyed my drawing [= watercolor] - He gave me a small visual comment - which I accepted with thanks and will follow. (translation from original Dutch: Fons Heijnsbroek)“

—  Willem Roelofs Dutch painter and entomologist (1822-1897) 1822 - 1897
(original Dutch: citaat van Willem Roelofs, in het Nederlands:) scheen in mijn teekening [= aquarel] plaisir te hebben – Hij maakte mij nog een kleine observatie - die ik in dank heb aangenomen en volgen zal. In a letter to Pieter verLoren van Themaat, 4 Oct, 1868; in Haagsch Gemeentearchief / Municipal Archive of The Hague

„What are you doing, anyway? Writing code for IBM? (1996/1)“

—  Paul DiLascia American software developer 1959 - 2008

Bobby Sands photo

„For life and love you gave to me
I give my thanks for eternity.“

—  Bobby Sands Irish volunteer of the Provisional Irish Republican Army 1954 - 1981
Context: A guide to me in times of plight A princess like a star so bright For life would never have been the same If I hadn’t of learned what small things came. So forgive me Mum just a little more For not loving you so much before, For life and love you gave to me I give my thanks for eternity.

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Newton Lee photo
Steve Jobs photo

„If, for some reason, we make some big mistake and IBM wins, my personal feeling is that we are going to enter a computer Dark Ages for about twenty years.“

—  Steve Jobs American entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple Inc. 1955 - 2011
On the early rivalry between Macintosh and "IBM-compatible" computers based on Microsoft's DOS, as quoted in Steve Jobs: The Journey is the Reward (1987) by Jeffrey S. Young, p. 235