„They should have told me that at the end of that gay journey and flower-strewn path were the hideous lights of home and the voices of children.“

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Evelyn Waugh2
1903 - 1966

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„It was the realisation of a lifelong ambition to be the MP for my home town. It was by no means the end of a journey, but rather the beginning of a new chapter both for me and for the people of Batley and Spen.“

—  Jo Cox UK politician 1974 - 2016
Column: Jo Cox – After a hard day’s night, the real work starts http://www.batleynews.co.uk/news/local/column-jo-cox-after-a-hard-day-s-night-the-real-work-starts-1-7264438 (16 May 2015)

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„Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.“

—  Bashō Matsuo Japanese poet 1644 - 1694
Matsuo Bashō, Narrow Road to the Interior and other writings, Boston, 2000, p. 3 (Translation: Sam Hamill)

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„I consider my anime as if they were children who, once grown up, are free to take their own path and personally I do not want to intrude in their lives. No father should snoop in the affairs of their children.“

—  Makoto Shinkai Japanese anime director and former graphic designer 1973
Interviewed on AnimeClick.it https://www.animeclick.it/news/70289-your-name-makoto-shinkai-non-e-molto-interessato-al-live-action-hollywodiano

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„No path of flowers leads to glory.“

—  Jean De La Fontaine French poet, fabulist and writer. 1621 - 1695
Book X, fable 14; reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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