„To me it was so natural that companies should seek their own survival. I had seen nothing else in my life. Companies struggle to keep going and to grow, for as long as possible.“

—  Arie de Geus, p. 182

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„Bad companies are destroyed by crisis, Good companies survive them, Great companies are improved by them.“

—  Andrew S. Grove Hungarian-born American businessman, engineer, and author 1936 - 2016
Andy Grove, December 1994; cited in: Albert Yu (1998) Creating the digital future. p. 93 : After the Pentium Processor flaw in December 1994

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„After having coined this word I sorted my own research over a very long period of time and I realised that I had been doing almost nothing else in my life.“

—  Benoît Mandelbrot Polish-born, French and American mathematician 1924 - 2010
Context: The word fractal, once introduced, had an extraordinary integrating effect upon myself and upon many people around. Initially again it was simply a word to write a book about, but once a word exists one begins to try to define it, even though initially it was simply something very subjective and indicating my field. Now the main property of all fractals, put in very loose terms, is that each part — they're made of parts — each part is like the whole except it is smaller. After having coined this word I sorted my own research over a very long period of time and I realised that I had been doing almost nothing else in my life. Segment 67

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„Keep the company of those who seek the truth- run from those who have found it“

—  Václav Havel playwright, essayist, poet, dissident and 1st President of the Czech Republic 1936 - 2011

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„I got hurt on company time, so I’ll heal on company time.“

—  Shaquille O'Neal American basketball player 1972
O'Neal explaining his decision to not have surgery during his off-season and instead postpoing it until the beginning of the next season.

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„If I knew in 1986 how much it was going to cost to keep Pixar going, I doubt if I would have bought the company.“

—  Steve Jobs American entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple Inc. 1955 - 2011
As quoted in Fortune (18 September 1995)

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„I don’t get to just say what I want, as I work for a company and I have obligations, and so I can’t go around being disrespectful to everybody. However, with as much integrity and respect as possible, I would love any public opportunity to challenge conventional beliefs, especially ones religious in nature and especially ones that have affected my life. Someday it would be great to write a book on that kind of thing. I feel like I have something to say, and it’s not something everyone else is saying.“

—  Scott Clifton American television actor, musician, internet personality. 1984
Responding to an interviewer's question, "Do you then see yourself being a motivational speaker, or a speaker who gets up and challenges ideology and religion?" in The Scott Clifton Interview – The Bold and the Beautiful, as quoted by Michael Fairman, hosted on Michaelfairmansoaps.com (20 September 2010)

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