„I love working on genre films.“

François-Eudes Chanfrault10
Composer and musician 1974 - 2016

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„.. truly, if I sometimes of my work under the eyes, I love a genre [churches! ], which in the fullest sense of saying may be called 'mine'. [the word 'mine' double underlined]“

—  Johannes Bosboom Dutch painter 1817 - 1891
version in original Dutch (citaat van een brief van Johannes Bosboom, in het Nederlands:) ..waarlijk, als ik soms van mijn werk onder de oogen krijg, dan heb ik een genre lief [kerken!], dat in den volsten zin des woords het mijne mag heten. [het woord 'mijne' tweemaal onderstreept] Quote of Bosboom from his letter, 7 May 1865; as cited in Johannes Bosboom by H. F. W. Jeltes, 1916 http://docplayer.nl/32809950-Johannes-bosboom-synagoge-naar-de-schilderij-in-het-museum-te-dordrecht.html (translation from the original Dutch: Fons Heijnsbroek) Bosboom's quote is referring to a formerly painted 'consistory room', he painted in Alkmaar

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„Films like Fargo are why I love the movies.“

—  Roger Ebert American film critic, author, journalist, and TV presenter 1942 - 2013
Review http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/fargo-1996 of Fargo (8 March 1996)

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„I went brunette for a film called Fascination and I loved it.“

—  Alice Evans British actress 1971
Alice Evans' March 2007 Glamour Magazine column "Bright Lights, Big Hair".

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„It wasn't about, 'Oh I want to make a film where I get to kiss a 10-year-old boy'. To me it was I wanted to make a film where you're trying to understand love.“

—  Nicole Kidman Australian-American actress and film producer 1967
During a Press Conference at the Venice Film Festival 2004, on the polemic scene from her movie, "Birth"; quoted in Jamaica Gleaner http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20040909/ent/ent2.html

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„I loved making films. There was something about that lens that I adored, and it adored me back. So we were a great combination.“

—  Lizabeth Scott American actress and singer 1922 - 2015
Colker, David (February 6, 2015). " From the Archives: Lizabeth Scott dies at 92; sultry leading woman of film noir http://www.latimes.com/local/obituaries/la-me-lizabeth-scott-20150206-story.html". Los Angeles Times

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