„I learned that people in wheelchairs are allowed to have marathons … which, to me, seems like cheating, but what are you gonna say?“


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„As I have often said, electrons and gerbils don't cheat. People do.“

—  Martin Gardner recreational mathematician and philosopher 1914 - 2010
"Science: Why I Am Not A Paranormalist", in The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener (1983)

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„It is rather remarkable that the majority of learned men have closed their minds to what seemed bare and simple facts to many people.“

—  Oliver Lodge British physicist 1851 - 1940
Raymond, p. 367 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=loc.ark:/13960/t80k3mq4s;view=1up;seq=409

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„I learned that the political is above the legal, that’s why when my advisors tell me, Evo, what you are doing is illegal, I say, if it is illegal, then do it legal, you have studied for that“

—  Evo Morales Bolivian politician 1959
Press conference Digital Journals in Spanish such as La Razón citing the article "Cuando la ley se convierte en una piedra en el zapato" or Libertad Digital "Evo Morales confiesa que da "pasos ilegales" en Bolivia para aplicar sus reformas."