„That’s the way Les Invisibles work. Singular, unquantifiable events. Impossible to treat statistically, to define with theory.“

—  Lucius Shepard, Green Eyes, Green Eyes (1984), Chapter 14, p. 184
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Lucius Shepard
1947 - 2014

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„Each word is a singularity, or is connected with a singularity, in our way of understanding existence.“

—  Léon Rosenfeld Belgian physicist 1904 - 1974
As quoted in A Question of Physics: Conversations in Physics and Biology (1979), Paul Buckley and F. David Peat, Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, p. 29.

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„Now I’m not saying that Keynes was right about everything, that we should treat The General Theory as a sort of secular bible - the way that Marxists treat Das Kapital.“

—  Paul Krugman American economist 1953
But the essential truth of Keynes’s big idea - that even the most productive economy can fail if consumers and investors spend too little, that the pursuit of sound money and balanced budgets is sometimes (not always!) folly rather than wisdom - is as evident in today’s world as it was in the 1930s. And in these dangerous days, we ignore or reject that idea at the world economy’s peril. "Why aren't we all Keynesians yet?", Fortune (Aug. 3, 1998)


„To every event defined for the original random walk there corresponds an event of equal probability in the dual random walk, and in this way almost every probability relation has its dual.“

—  William Feller Croatian-American mathematician 1906 - 1970
An Introduction To Probability Theory And Its Applications (Third Edition), Chapter III, Fluctuations In Coin Tossing And Random Walks, p. 92.

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„Treat us the way you wish to be treated“

—  Tiffany Brar 1988

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„The bones and flesh and legal statistics are the garments worn by the personality, not the other way around.“

—  Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1974), Context: They had made the mistake of thinking of a personality as some sort of possession, like a suit of clothes, which a person wears. But apart from a personality what is there? Some bones and flesh. A collection of legal statistics, perhaps, but surely no person. The bones and flesh and legal statistics are the garments worn by the personality, not the other way around. Ch. 7

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„Cybernetics treats not things but ways of behaving.“

—  W. Ross Ashby British psychiatrist 1903 - 1972
An Introduction to Cybernetics (1956), Part I: Mechanism, Context: Cybernetics treats not things but ways of behaving. It does not ask “what is this thing?” but “what does it do?”... It is thus essentially functional and behaviouristic. Cybernetics deals with all forms of behavior in so far as they are regular, or determinate, or reproducible. The materiality is irrelevant... The truths of cybernetics are not conditional on their being derived from some other branch of science. Cybernetics has its own foundations. p. 1; As cited in: Stuart A. Umpleby, "Ross Ashby's general theory of adaptive systems." International Journal of General Systems 38.2 (2009): 231-238.

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„According to [the general equilibrium approach to monetary theory], the principal way in which financial policies and events affect aggregate demand is by changing the valuations of physical assets relative to their replacement costs.“

—  James Tobin American economist 1918 - 2002
"A general equilibrium approach to monetary theory" (1969), p. 29 As cited in: William Pool. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 2, (1976), p. 292

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