„I'm afraid I'm not sufficiently inhibited about the things that other women are inhibited about for me. They feel that you've given away trade secrets.“

—  Mary McCarthy, Look (26 February 1964)
Mary McCarthy photo
Mary McCarthy1
1912 - 1989

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„I'm hostile to men, I'm hostile to women, I'm hostile to cats, to poor cockroaches, I'm afraid of horses.“

—  Norman Mailer American novelist, journalist, essayist, playwright, film maker, actor and political candidate 1923 - 2007
The Sixth Presidential Paper — A Kennedy Miscellany : An Impolite Interview <!-- p. 132 -->

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„I'm always about optimism and exuberance. It's what I feel about fashion.“

—  Anna Sui American fashion designer 1964
via Borrelli-Persson, Laird. Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear. Vogue (September 16, 2009). http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2010-ready-to-wear/anna-sui

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„I'll tell them that on bad mornings, it feels impossible to take pleasure in anything because I'm afraid it could be taken away.“

—  Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay
Context: I'll tell them how I survive it. I'll tell them that on bad mornings, it feels impossible to take pleasure in anything because I'm afraid it could be taken away. That's when I make a list in my head of every act of goodness I've seen someone do. It's like a game. Repetitive. Even a little tedious after more than twenty years. But there are much worse games to play. Katniss (p. 390; closing words of the epilogue)

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„I'm always rather nervous about how you talk about women who are active in politics, whether they want to be talked about as women or as politicians.“

—  John F. Kennedy 35th president of the United States of America 1917 - 1963
Quoted in Bill Adler, "The Presidency," The Wit of President Kennedy (1964). [JFK was speaking]...To a group of women delegates to the United Nations who had suggested that there might one day be a woman President.

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„Into the Music was about the first album where I felt, 'I'm starting here'... the Wavelength thing, I didn't really feel that was me.“

—  Van Morrison Northern Irish singer-songwriter and musician 1945
As quoted in Can You Feel the Silence? Van Morrison: A New Biography (2003) by Clinton Heylin<!-- Chicago Review Press -->

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