„Think deeply about this: what are you going to ask of Christ when you are in his Church? You come stepping in softly, seeking quiet under her vaulted roofs (unless, of course, you come out of mere vanity) in order to forget your problems and preoccupations [-] languidly immersing yourself in the majesty of the sacred chorales and in the aromatic clouds of incense: and then to sleep[-] But this is not the peace of Christ. My peace I give you, my peace I leave you. He said My, which is not the peace of this world. But you want to establish the Church in the peace of the world, and that is why the others, when they come, cannot enter without war cries rising from their overwrought lungs. They rebel, filling the temple with blashemous roars, they eject the terrified faithful, who had been half asleep, they insult or kill the ministers at the altar, knock over the altar itself, smash the stone saints, burn the church [-] so it is that she once again becomes, for them, the church of the Christ that died on the cross. [-] This time, do not leave her rebuilding to others. Do not wish to put up sturdier walls for these will not give her a better defense [-] Nor should you ask the rich to contribute too much money for the reconstruction, lest the poor, should receive the benefice with mistrust. Let it be the poor who rebuild her, for then they will do so according to their fashion and only in this way will they love her.“

Joan Maragall Gorina photo
Joan Maragall Gorina
poeta e escritor catalão 1860 - 1911

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„When your mother has grown old
and with her so have you,
When that which once came easy
has at last become a burden,
When her loving, true eyes
no longer see life as once they did
When her weary feet
no longer want to wear her as she stands,
then reach an arm to her shoulder,
escort her gently, with happiness and passion
The hour will come, when you, crying,
must take her on her final walk.
And if she asks you, then give her an answer
And if she asks you again, listen!
And if she asks you again, take in her words
not impetuously, but gently and in peace!
And if she cannot quite understand you,
explain all to her gladly
For the hour will come, the bitter hour
when her mouth will ask for nothing more.“

—  Georg Runsky
Wenn deine Mutter alt geworden, und älter du geworden bist, wenn ihr, was früher leicht und mühlos, nunmehr zur Last geworden ist, wenn ihre lieben, treuen Augen, nicht mehr wie einst ins Leben seh'n, wenn ihre Füße, kraftgebrochen, sie nicht mehr tragen woll'n mein Geh'n, dann reich ihr deinen Arm zur Stütze, geleite sie mit froher Lust, die Stunde kommt, da du sie weinend zum letzten Gang begleiten musst. Und fragt sie dich, so gib ihr Antwort, und fragt sie wieder, - sprich auch du, und fragt sie nochmals, - steh' ihr Rede, nicht ungestüm, in sanfter Ruh! Und kann sie dich nicht recht verstehen, erklär ihr alles frohbewegt, die Stunde kommt, die bitt're Stunde, da dich ihr Mund nach nichts mehr frägt. Adolf Hitler, "Denk' es!" (Be Reminded!) 1923, first published in Sonntag-Morgenpost (14 May 1933).

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„A Muslim asked: "Oh Apostle of God, who are your kin whom you have ordered us to obey?" He replied, "Ali (blessings and peace be upon him), Fatimah (blessings be upon her), and her two sons."“

—  Muhammad Arabian religious leader and the founder of Islam 570 - 632
al-Suyuti, Dur al-Manthur, vol.7, p. 7 ; ibn Jarir al-Tabari, Tafsir al-Tabari, vol.5, p. 16 ; al-Fakhr al-Razi, al-Tafsir, vol.7, p. 406 ; ibn Hajar al-Haythami, al-Sawa'iq al-Muhriqah, p. 102 ; Muhibbuddin al-Tabari, Dhakha‘ir al-Uqba, p. 25 ; al-Shablanji, Nur al-Absar, p. 100.

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