„"Is this really a Polar ship?" people asked;… our paper-supply which was in all respects as fine and elegant as it could be:… From one of the largest houses in Christiania we had a complete set of kitchen utensils and breakfast and dinner services, all of the best kind…. We carried an extraordinarily copious library; presents of books were showered upon us in great quantities. I suppose the Fram's library at the present moment contains at least 3,000 volumes.“

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Roald Amundsen
explorador norueguês 1872 - 1928

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„The book does not contain “everything about the human being,” because that is impossible. The largest libraries in the world do not contain “everything.”“

—  Stanisław Lem Polish science fiction author 1921 - 2006
The quantity of anthropological data discovered by scientists now exceeds any individual’s ability to assimilate it. The division of labor, including intellectual labor, begun thirty thousand years ago in the Paleolithic, has become an irreversible phenomenon, and there is nothing that can be done about it. Like it or not, we have placed our destiny in the hands of the experts. A politician is, after all, a kind of expert, if self-styled. Even the fact that competent experts must serve under politicians of mediocre intelligence and little foresight is a problem that we are stuck with, because the experts themselves cannot agree on any major world issue. A logocracy of quarreling experts might be no better than the rule of the mediocrities to which we are subject. The declining intellectual quality of political leadership is the result of the growing complexity of the world. Since no one, be he endowed with the highest wisdom, can grasp it in its entirety, it is those who are least bothered by this who strive for power.

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