„Superior technical achievements — used correctly both strategically and tactically — can beat any quantity numerically many times stronger yet technically inferior.“

—  Adolf Galland, The First and the Last (1954), Quoted in "The First and the Last," 1954.
Adolf Galland photo
Adolf Galland
1912 - 1996

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„Q, which would include quantity of space or time or force, in fact almost any kind of quantity.“

—  William Stanley Jevons English economist and logician 1835 - 1882
The Theory of Political Economy (1871), Context: A correspondent, Captain Charles Christie R. E., to whom I have shown these sections after they were printed, objects reasonably enough that commodity should not have been represented by M, or Mass, but by some symbol, for instance Q, which would include quantity of space or time or force, in fact almost any kind of quantity. Preface To The Second Edition, p. 6.

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„Treat any and all drugs with respect, for most of the time they are stronger than you are.“

—  William Powell (author) author of The Anarchist Cookbook 1949
The Anarchist Cookbook (1971), Chapter One: "Drugs", p. 59.

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„We must have the can do spirit. For example, why must we lose to Singapore every time? Beat them at their own game, you can do it. Penang has beaten them many times.“

—  Lim Guan Eng Finance Minister of Malaysia 1960
Lim Guan Eng (2018) cited in " Guan Eng: Let’s give Singapore some competition https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/06/19/guan-eng-lets-give-singapore-some-competition/" on The Star Online, 19 June 2018

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