„A rule to live by: I won't use anything I can't explain in five minutes.“

—  Philip Crosby, Philip B. Crosby, quoted in: Tim Oberle (2013), Process Techniques for Engineering High-Performance Materials. p. 353
Philip Crosby photo
Philip Crosby2
1926 - 2001

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„I can't live by your rules, man!“

—  Craig Ferguson Scottish-born American television host, stand-up comedian, writer, actor, director, author, producer and voice artist 1962

Peter Jackson photo

„Fantasy is an 'F' word that hopefully the five second delay won't do anything with“

—  Peter Jackson New Zealand film director, producer, actor, and screenwriter 1961
After receiving the Best Picture Oscar for "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" at the 76th Academy Awards

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Meg White photo

„I was able to afford a car that didn't break down every five minutes.“

—  Meg White American musician 1974
When asked what she did with her first royalty check Epstein, Daniel (2004). "The White Stripes - Coffee and Cigarettes" http://suicidegirls.com/words/White+Stripes+for+Coffee+and+Cigarettes/ SuicideGirls.com (accessed June 6, 2006)

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„I won't eat anything green.“

—  Kurt Cobain American musician and artist 1967 - 1994

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„You mustn't ask me to explain everything I do. I can't. That's that.“

—  Michelangelo Antonioni Italian film director and screenwriter 1912 - 2007
Context: You mustn't ask me to explain everything I do. I can't. That's that. How can I say why at a certain moment I needed this. How can I explain why I needed a confusion of colors?

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„I won't change anything in my life.“

—  Demi Lovato American singer, songwriter, actress, and author 1992
La La Land

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„I myself won't do anything, but I won't stop anyone else from acting.“

—  Walther von Brauchitsch German field marshal 1881 - 1948
September 1938. Quoted in "Plotting Hitler's Death: The Story of German Resistance" - Page 128 - by Joachim C. Fest - 1997