„What is seen and called the picture is what remains – an evidence. Even as one travels in painting towards a state of 'unfreedom' where only certain things can happen, unaccountably the unknown and free must appear. Usually I am on a work for a long stretch, until a moment arrives when the air of the arbitrary vanished and the paint falls into positions that feel destined. The very matter of painting – its pigment and space – is so resistant to the will, so disinclined to assert its plane and remain still. Painting seems like impossibility, with only a sign now and then of its own light. Which must be because of the narrow passage from a diagramming to that other state – corporeality. In this sense, to paint is a possessing rather than a picturing.“

12 Americans, by Dorothy C.Miller, New York, 1956. p. 36
1950 - 1960

Philip Guston photo
Philip Guston
1913 - 1980

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Franz Marc photo

„I do not have a comic or tragic period in any real sense. I have always painted dark pictures; always some light pictures. I will probably go on doing so... Orchestral. My work in its entirety is like a symphony in which each painting has its part.“

—  Clyfford Still American artist 1904 - 1980

Gallery Notes, Allbright-Knox Art Gallery, Vol. 24 summer 1961 pp. 9-14; as quoted in Abstract Expressionism Creators and Critics, edited by Clifford Ross, Abrams Publishers New York 1990, p. 197

Phillip Guston photo
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Phillip Guston photo
Mark Rothko photo
Phillip Guston photo
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Marc Chagall photo

„I know I must live in France, but I don't want to cut myself off from America. France is a picture already painted. America still has to be painted. Maybe that's why I feel freer there. But when I work in America, it's like shouting in a forest. There's no echo.“

—  Marc Chagall French artist and painter 1887 - 1985

as quoted by Joseph A. Harriss, in 'The Elusive Marc Chagall', - the 'Smithsonian Magazine', December 2003 https://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/the-elusive-marc-chagall-95114921/
after 1930

Pablo Picasso photo
George Moore (novelist) photo

„It does not matter how badly you paint so long as you don't paint badly like other people.“

—  George Moore (novelist) Irish novelist, short-story writer, poet, art critic, memoirist and dramatist 1852 - 1933

Ch. 6.
Confessions of a Young Man http://www.gutenberg.org/files/12278/12278-h/12278-h.htm (1886)

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