„Medicine considers the human body as to the means by which it is cured and by which it is driven away from health.“

—  Avicena, As quoted in The Pursuit of Learning in the Islamic World, 610-2003 http://books.google.com.bh/books?id=KTWDxDEY-Q0C&lpg=PA75&dq=Medicine%20considers%20the%20human%20body%20as%20to%20the%20means%20by%20which%20it%20is%20cured%20and%20by%20which%20it%20is%20driven%20away%20from%20health.&pg=PA75#v=onepage&q=Medicine%20considers%20the%20human%20body%20as%20to%20the%20means%20by%20which%20it%20is%20cured%20and%20by%20which%20it%20is%20driven%20away%20from%20health.&f=false (2006), by Hunt Janin, p. 75.
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980 - 1037

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„While from inward health doth flow,
Beloved of all, true bliss which mortals seek.“

—  Aeschylus ancient Athenian playwright -525 - -456 a.C.
lines 535–537 (tr. Anna Swanwick)

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