„We knew that we had created a new means of warfare, and the question as to what nation, to what victorious nation we were willing to entrust this brainchild of ours was a moral decision more than anything else. We wanted to see the world spared another conflict such as Germany had just been through, and we felt that only by surrendering such a weapon to people who are guided by the Bible could such an assurance to the world be best secured.“

—  Wernher von Braun, Press statement after surrendering to U.S. Forces (May 1945)
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Wernher von Braun1
Engenheiro responsável pelo desenvolvimento dos foguetes Sa… 1912 - 1977

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„Security, freedom, dignity, if we had these three we could say that it has been worth while being born into this world“

—  Aung San Suu Kyi State Counsellor of Myanmar and Leader of the National League for Democracy 1945
Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought Acceptance Speech (2013), Context: Security, freedom, dignity, if we had these three we could say that it has been worth while being born into this world and I would like all the young people of Burma and young people all over the world to be able to feel that it was right that they have been born into this world.

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„It is precisely when we help one another that we gain our victories over corruption, but the victory is assured only when we help one another with all our strength.“

—  Pierre Stephen Robert Payne British lecturer, novelist, historian, poet and biographer 1911 - 1983
The Corrupt Society - From Ancient Greece To Present-Day America (1975), The Corruptions Of the Physical Body, p. 6

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