„Niggas who've tried, I bust they sides“

—  Pimp C, Still Ridin' Dirty Feat. Scarface
Pimp C
1973 - 2007

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„There's a lot of racism going on. Who's more racist, black people or white people? Black people! You know why? Because we hate black people too! Everything white people don't like about black people, black people really don't like about black people. There's some shit going on with black people right now. It's like a civil war going on with black people. And there's two sides, there's black people and there's niggas. The niggas have got to go. Everytime a black person wanna have a good time, ignorant-ass niggas fuck it up. You can't have shit when you got niggas around, you can't have shit. You can't have no big screen TV! You can have it, but you better move it in at 3 in the morning. Paint it white, hope niggas think it's a bassinet. Can't have shit in your house! Why?! Because niggas will break into your house. Niggas will live next door to you break into your house, come over the next day and go, "I heard you got robbed." Nigga, you know you robbed me. You didn't see shit 'cause you was doing shit! You can't go see a movie opening day, you know why? 'Cause niggas is shooting at the screen! What kind of ignorant shit is that? "This movie's so good I gotta bust a cap in here!" You know the worst thing about niggas? Niggas always want credit for some shit they supposed to do. A nigga will brag about some shit a normal man just does. A nigga will say some shit like, "I take care of my kids." You're supposed to, you dumb motherfucker! What kind of ignorant shit is that? "I ain't never been to jail!" What do you want, a cookie?! You're not supposed to go to jail, you low-expectation-having motherfucker!“

—  Chris Rock American comedian, actor, screenwriter, television producer, film producer, and director 1965

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„We will not return to the old boom and bust.“

—  Gordon Brown British Labour Party politician 1951
Brown's 11th Budget Speech https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200607/cmhansrd/cm070321/debtext/70321-0004.htm. 21 Mar 2007

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„That kid sure can bust 'em.“

—  Babe Ruth American baseball player 1895 - 1948
Circa June 1923, on observing a young Lou Gehrig—almost two years prior to commencing his record-breaking consecutive game streak—take batting practice; as quoted in The Babe Ruth Story https://books.google.com/books?id=5mu1AAAAIAAJ&q=%22that+kid+sure+can+bust+%27em%22+intitle:The+intitle:Babe+intitle:Ruth+intitle:Story&dq=%22that+kid+sure+can+bust+%27em%22+intitle:The+intitle:Babe+intitle:Ruth+intitle:Story&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiHhvezyoHcAhVm2oMKHZsSAfAQ6AEIKTAA (1948) by Ruth (as told to Bob Considine), p. 130. In the book, Ruth notes that his statement had evidently given rise to Gehrig's now largely forgotten nickname Buster (the latter having first appeared in print on February 29th, the following year https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=B71SAAAAIBAJ&sjid=YH0DAAAAIBAJ&pg=5967%2C5402147&dq=yankee-includes-lou-gehrig), adding that, despite having long since been eclipsed by such handles as "The Iron Horse" and even "Larrupin' Lou," Gehrig's lesser-known moniker did indeed have its heyday during the early years of his Yankee tenure https://www.newspapers.com/search/#query=%22buster+gehrig%22&dr_year=1925-1929. (Not surprisingly, this heyday entailed a good deal of Ruth/Gehrig alliteration, along the lines of "The Buster and the Babe" https://www.newspapers.com/search/#query=gehrig+%22the+buster+and+the+babe%22&dr_year=1927-1937 and "the Big Bam and the Boy Buster" https://www.newspapers.com/search/#query=Ruth+Gehrig+%22big+bam%22+%22boy+buster%22&dr_year=1927-1928.)

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„I've made a song for the poorly loved
And songs for everything I grieved –
For unaccompanied slave and shark,
For queens who've gone into the dark.“

—  Guillaume Apollinaire French poet 1880 - 1918
"La Chanson du Mal-Aimé" (Song of the Poorly Loved), line 91; translation by William Meredith, from Francis Steegmuller Apollinaire: Poet Among the Painters (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1973) p. 97.