„Jimi Hendrix once said, 'You will never hear surf music again.' Well, tonight, you will hear 'serf' music again -- S-E-R-F music.“

— Jello Biafra, Introducing the song "New Feudalism" with The No WTO Combo on (30 November 1999)

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„When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air. You can never capture it again.“

— Eric Dolphy American jazz musician 1928 - 1964
Said to an audience, as quoted in John Steinbeck Holiday, Vol. 58 (1977), p. 13

Robert Browning photo

„Who hears music feels his solitude
Peopled at once.“

— Robert Browning, The complete poetical works of Browning
Balaustion's Adventure, line 323 (1871).

George Balanchine photo

„See the music, hear the dance.“

— George Balanchine Georgian choreographer, dancer and ballet master (1904-1983) 1904 - 1983

Elton John photo

„We'll kill the fatted calf tonight, so stick around,
You're gonna hear electric music, solid walls of sound.“

— Elton John English rock singer-songwriter, composer and pianist 1947
Bennie and the Jets

Frédéric Chopin photo

„Concerts are never real music, you have to give up the idea of hearing in them all the most beautiful things of art.“

— Frédéric Chopin Polish composer 1810 - 1849
Said to one of his students, according to "Chopin: Pianist and Teacher: As Seen by His Pupils" by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger

Joanna MacGregor photo
Danielle Trussoni photo
Anton Webern photo

„Music is natural law as related to the sense of hearing.“

— Anton Webern Austrian composer and conductor 1883 - 1945
The Path to the New Music

E.L. Doctorow photo
Sergei Prokofiev photo

„Formalism is music that people don’t understand at first hearing.“

— Sergei Prokofiev Ukrainian & Russian Soviet pianist and composer 1891 - 1953
Quoted in Boris Schwarz Music and Musical Life in Soviet Russia, 1917-1970 (1972) p. 115.

George Gershwin photo

„I frequently hear music in the heart of noise.“

— George Gershwin American composer and pianist 1898 - 1937
Letter to Isaac Goldberg; published in Joan Peyser The Memory of All That (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1993) p. 80.

Ludwig Van Beethoven photo

„Music is like a dream. One that I cannot hear.“

— Ludwig Van Beethoven German Romantic composer 1770 - 1827
Conversations (January 1804)

Percy Bysshe Shelley photo

„Most musical of mourners, weep again!“

— Percy Bysshe Shelley English Romantic poet 1792 - 1822
St. IV

Eduard Hanslick photo

„Music has no subject beyond the combinations of notes we hear, for music speaks not only by means of sounds, it speaks nothing but sound.“

— Eduard Hanslick austrian musician and musicologist 1825 - 1904
Eduard Hanslick, quoted by Wolfgang Sandberger (1996) in the liner notes to the Juilliard String Quartet's Intimate Letters. Sony Classical SK 66840.

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