„Who flies from one danger escapes a hundred.“

—  Bernardo Dovizi, Act IV, scene IV. — (Fannio). Translation reported in Harbottle's Dictionary of quotations French and Italian (1904), p. 271.
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Bernardo Dovizi11
Italian cardinal and playwright 1470 - 1520

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„He who flies from his master is a runaway; but the law is master“

—  Marcus Aurelius Emperor of Ancient Rome 121 - 180
Context: He who flies from his master is a runaway; but the law is master, and he who breaks the law is a runaway. And he also who is grieved or angry or afraid, is dissatisfied because something has been or is or shall be of the things which are appointed by Him who rules all things, and He is Law, and assigns to every man what is fit. He then who fears or is grieved or is angry is a runaway. X, 25

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