„That's all Hymie wants to talk about is Israel. Every time you go to Hymietown that's all they want to talk about.“

—  Jesse Jackson, Remark to Washington Post reporter Milton Coleman (25 January 1984), using an anti-semitic slur. See Coleman (10 April 1984) "A good reporter must put ethics ahead of other considerations" The Milwaukee Journal

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„The time has come to stop telling the American people only what they want them to hear, and start talking frankly about the sacrifices we must all make.“

—  John B. Anderson American politician 1922
As quoted in “Anderson Offers Barter: Ideas for Votes” by Bernard Weinraub, in The New York Times (12 March 1980)

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„The time has come to stop talking about the lessons of Vietnam, and to start talking about the lessons of Afghanistan.“

—  Michael Johns American businessman 1964
The Lessons of Afghanistan: Bipartisan Support for Freedom Fighters Pays Off," Policy Review, Spring 1987, by Michael Johns: Urging America to Discard its 'Vietnam Syndrome'

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„When you constantly hear people talking about going the distance, going the distance, you can't help but wonder about it. I learned a lesson: next time I will fight my fight without that doubt.“

—  Larry Holmes American boxer 1949
After the Cooney fight, as quoted in "Sport: Larry Holmes: I Still Have It" by Tom Callahan in TIME (21 June 1982) http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,925485-3,00.html.

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