„Imagine that we didn't know the chimpanzee, that all we knew were those bonobos who have sex all the time and are peaceful and female-dominated and that people would say that this is our only close relative. I think we would have totally different theories about ourselves and our background. But, of course, it didn't happen that way.“

—  Frans de Waal, The Bonobo in All of Us (2007)

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„We were so busy that we didn't have time to think about how terrible it was or - in fact it felt strangely natural.“

—  Margrethe II of Denmark Queen of Denmark 1940
Becoming Queen, On assuming the throne, interview with Bo Lidegaard, 'Politiken' Partially available online http://politiken.dk/indland/ECE1495013/dronningen-opgaven-som-regent-har-man-for-livet/ (01 January 2012).

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„At first thought, we might say, 'our job is to win a war'…but I am sure it would be closer to the hearts of all of us to say, 'We are fighting a war to assure a peace…our kind of peace.“

—  Carole Lombard American actress 1908 - 1942
Speaking at an Indianapolis war-bond rally, 15 January 1942 Quoted in Carole Lombard, The Hoosier Tornado by Wes D. Gehring, p. 1

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