„I make the most outrageous demands on my imagination and leave aside everything else, theory and nature study, as other people understand them. This is the only way I can work, drawing on nothing but my own faculty of imagination with I feed without stint – except in working hours.“

—  Franz Marc, Quote in Marc's letter to August Macke, 1910; as cited by de:Wolf-Dieter Dube, in Expressionism; Praeger Publishers, New York, 1973, pp. 127-28
Franz Marc photo
Franz Marc1
1880 - 1916

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„I need the pain of loneliness to make my imagination work.“

—  Orhan Pamuk Turkish novelist, screenwriter, and Nobel Prize in Literature recipient 1952

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„.. and to think now that great mathematicians find my work interesting because I am able to illustrate their theories. They can not imagine that I was such a bad pupil in mathematics. I don't understand it myself neither. I never could understand why it was necessary to prove something that everyone already sees. I saw it, I knew it, so it is how it is… But yes, you had to prove it. I did overcome it when I realized I can make something else - I thought I was a good-for-nothing. In my family there were no other artists to find... I was just a weird duck, right?“

—  M. C. Escher Dutch graphic artist 1898 - 1972
version in original Dutch (origineel citaat van M.C. Escher, in het Nederlands): En als je nu bedenkt dat grote wiskundigen mijn werk interessant vinden, omdat ik in staat ben hun theorieën te illustreren. Ze kunnen zich helemaal niet voorstellen dat ik zo slecht was in wiskunde. Ik snap er zelf ook niets van. Ik begreep niet dat je iets moest bewijzen wat iedereen ziet. Ik zag het, ik wist, het is toch zo.. .Maar jawel hoor, je moest het bewijzen. Ik ben er bovenuit gekomen toen ik me realiseerde, dat ik wat anders kon. Ik dacht, dat ik een nietsnut was. Ik kom uit een milieu waar geen artiesten in waren.. ..Ik was een rare eend in de bijt, he?

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„I can't imagine working without an audience.“

—  Bea Arthur actress, singer, comedian 1922 - 2009
Interview, The New York Times, December 6, 2000

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„I do not paint by copying nature. Everything I do springs from my wild imagination.“

—  Paul Gauguin French Post-Impressionist artist 1848 - 1903
p. 22: quote in a letter to Ambroise Vollard, 1900

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