„There is no over-arching theory of complexity that allows us to ignore the contingent aspects of complex systems. If something really is complex, it cannot by adequately described by means of a simple theory. Engaging with complexity entails engaging with specific complex systems. Despite this we can, at a very basic level, make general remarks concerning the conditions for complex behaviour and the dynamics of complex systems. Furthermore, I suggest that complex systems can be modelled.“

—  Paul Cilliers, p. ix
Paul Cilliers11
South African philosopher 1956 - 2011

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„A complex system can fail in an infinite number of ways“

—  John Gall American physician 1925 - 2014
p. 92, cited in: Erik Hollnagel (2004) Barriers and accident prevention. p. 182

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„In order to constitute a complex system, the elements have to interact, and this interaction must be dynamic.“

—  Paul Cilliers South African philosopher 1956 - 2011
p. 3; as cited in: Richard Andrews, ‎Erik Borg, ‎Stephen Boyd Davis (2012), The SAGE Handbook of Digital Dissertations and Theses, p. 129

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„The classification of a system as complex or simple will depend upon the observer of the system and upon the purpose he has for considering the system.“

—  Mike Jackson 1951
As cited in: Joseph E. Kasser (2010) " Seven systems engineering myths and the corresponding realities http://www.synergio.nl/media/59286/7_myths_of_se.pdf"